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Price Action Helper

The PriceAction_Helper indicator automatically recognizes Japanese candlestick patterns on charts.

The indicator marks the location of a candle pattern and indicates the most likely price direction based on that pattern.

Who can use the indicator

If you are a novice in trading Japanese candlesticks, PriceAction_Helper will help you detect patterns, demonstrate how they work and enable you to memorize candle pattern types and names.

If you are an experienced trader familiar with Price Action, the indicator simplifies the search for candle patterns and allows deeper analysis of the market situation. Besides, PriceAction_Helper can perfectly complement your trading strategy or become a basis of the new one.

Currently available candle patterns

  1. Main reversal patterns:
    • Hammer
    • Hanging man
    • Inverted hammer
    • Shooting star
    • Bull Engulfing
    • Bear Engulfing
    • Dark-cloud cover
    • Piercing pattern
    • Morning star
    • Evening star
  2. Auxiliary reversal patterns:
    • Harami
    • Harami Cross
    • Tweezers Tops
    • Tweezers Bottoms
    • Belt-hold lines
    • Upside-gap two crows
    • Three Black Crows
    • Counterattack
New candle patterns are currently under testing and development.


  • menuItem1 - line for easy navigation. The default value is recommended.
    • enableBasicReversalPatterns - enable (true)/disable (false) main reversal patterns.
    • enableSecondaryReversalPatterns - enable (true)/disable (false) auxiliary reversal patterns.
  • menuItem2 - line for easy navigation.
    • turnUpColor_BasicPatterns - set a color of the main upward reversal patterns.
    • turnDownColor_BasicPatterns - set a color of the main downward reversal patterns.
    • turnUpColor_SecondaryPatterns - set a color of the auxiliary upward reversal patterns.
    • turnDownColor_SecondaryPatterns - set a color of the auxiliary downward reversal patterns.
  • menuItem3 - line for easy navigation.
  • menuSubItem1 - line for easy navigation. Enable (true)/disable (false) display of candle patterns:
    • showHammer
    • showHangingMan
    • showInvertedHammer
    • showShootingStar
    • showBoolEngulfing
    • showBearEngulfing
    • showPiercingPattern
    • showDarkCloudCover
    • showMorningStar
    • showEveningStar
  • menuSubItem2 - line for easy navigation.
    • showHarami
    • showTweezers
    • showBeltHoldLines
    • showUpsideGapTwoCrows
    • showThreeBlackCrows
    • showCounterattack

Developer's note

The indicator is under active development. New features are added almost daily. Updates, including additional features, are to be released at least once every two weeks.

The indicator operation issues are to be resolved within a few days (depending on their complexity).

If you face any difficulties, please contact me at: dvoeglazov.andrey24@gmail.com (set "Bug. PA_Helper" in the email subject, describe your issue and attach a screenshot).

Also, you can ask any question regarding the indicator (specify "Question. PA_Helper" in the email subjects).

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Version 1.1 2017.09.06
The work on the project was resumed:
- Fixed bugs
- Added new features