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The KARAS AutoRS provides Resistance and Support Levels automatically. You may use it for Breakout Strategy and Canal Strategy.

Key Features

  • No Repaint!
  • Resistance and Support Levels are automatically drawn.
  • Available for all TimeFrames.
  • Suitable for Scalpers, Swing Traders, Day Trader, Short Term & Long Term Traders.
  • You may use this indicator for all instruments.

Input Parameters

  • Period: 55 is optimized. It must be minimum 13.
  • Level Colors
  • Push Notification: Send notification (true/false)
  • Display Box Alert: Alerts on display box (true/false)
  • Play Sound Alert: (true/false)
  • Sound File - Up Trend: Choose from Sound file
  • Sound File - Down Trend: Choose from Sound file
  • Message when Up Point Created
  • Message when Down Point Created

For EA Developers

double AutoRS = iCustom(Symbol(),0,"KARAS AutoRS",0,0); 
sunnychow 2018.09.15 16:29 

It is a useful tool for trade

edgar.ortigoza Ortigoza
edgar.ortigoza Ortigoza 2018.01.13 15:31 

Helpful indicator

omdragon 2017.12.17 22:16 

laser300, ты нормальный?! Индикатор отличный, для тех, кто реально работает на рынке - незаменим. Я перерисовывал 4Н и 1Н S/R каждый день, иногда несколько раз в день. Индюк делает за меня огромную часть работы. Автору огромное спасибо.

Indicator's great! laser300 is wrong. I appreciate the author of this indy.

amfels07 2017.12.11 19:50 

Great work Ozkan..... Appreciate your effort to help us as it seems like a very promising indicator like Rainwalker mentioned on the higher time frames looks great! Thank you!

Update 12-11 -- Like mentioned it's very promising when using larger time frames but like with anything I believe it does repaint when trend lines moves which is ok just need to explain that in the Overview page plus not say it does not repaint in my opinion.

makita 2017.11.30 13:07 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

rainwalker123 2017.10.07 09:38 

I dont understand the Review of laser 300, the revie seems to be unfair.

This is a very helpful indicator, who shows turning Points, especially in higher timeframes H1, H4, D1

At least for free.

Thanks the author for supporting, so much Traders out there.

Павел 2017.09.04 14:22 

Индикатор перерисовывается, точнее дорисовывается. Заявления автора не соответствуют действительности.

Для автора: Зачем создаешь то, чего в маркет уже тысячи? Прежде чем делать заявления в описании опробуй свое творение!

Version 1.1 2017.11.22
Alerts are added.