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EA DeviLe BO

The strategy based on the price channel breakout.

It is recommended to use on EURUSD/GBPUSD/USDJPY/XAUUSD, H1 period.

It is possible to work with a fixed lot and a lot based on the percentage of the maximum risk of the deposit.

No martingale or grid. All trades are protected by stop loss.

Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/bebikovi


  • Version (1/2) - selection of the trading system version (V1/V2).
  • Magic Number - identifier of trades.
  • Show Info Panel - show information panel.
  • EA Comment - comment to trades.
  • Risk - lot size based on risk per trade (if 0, then Lot = Fix Lot).
  • Mode risk (SL + Spread) ON/OFF - calculation of the Risk value with spread taken into account.
  • Fix Lot - fixed lot size.
  • Take Profit - take profit.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss.
  • Spread control ON/OFF (0 - OFF) - maximum spread control (0 - disabled).
  • Winter GMT Offset - winter server time zone.
  • EA Start Hour - hour to start trading.
  • EA End Hour - hour to stop trading.
  • Friday End Time - time to stop trading on Friday.
  • Adaptation in case of slippage - adapt the stop loss in case of slippage (true/false).
  • Breakeven - use the breakeven function (true/false).
  • The number of points to breakeven - the minimum number of points to transfer a trade to breakeven.
  • Size breakeven - breakeven size (in points).
  • Symbol ( for magic number) - select the currency pair to automatically set the magic number.
  • Buy Pending shift - shift for the pending buy order (in points).
  • Sell Pending shift - shift for the pending sell order (in points).
  • Attempt additional modification of the order - additional modification of the order, in case of an error of stop loss modification during the trailing.
  • Close a trade if the stop loss modification failed - close the trade, if a stop loss modification error occurred during the trailing.
  • Remove all orders when deleting the EA - delete pending orders of the EA when removing the EA from the chart.
  • use trailing stop loss position - use the trailing stop for unprofitable positions (true/false).
  • time to start trailing lose position - time to start the trailing stop (in seconds).
  • amount of profit (in points) for the trailing stop - the number of loss points to start the trailing stop.
  • trailing stop value - trailing stop size.
  • step of the trailing stop - trailing stop step.
  • The news filter (enable/disable) - news filter (on/off).
  • Trade Only Between News - trade only between news (true/false).
  • Indent after News, minutes - offset after the news (in minutes).
  • Delete all pending orders - delete pending orders after news (in minutes).
  • Indent before News, minutes - offset before the news (in minutes).
  • Enable light news - enable low-impact news.
  • Enable medium news - enable medium-impact news.
  • Enable hard news - enable high-impact news.
  • Your Time Zone, GMT (for news) - server time zone (for news).
  • Currency to display the news (empty - only the current currencies) - currency pairs to display the news (if empty, the current ones).

In order to activate the The news filter function, enable "Allow WebRequest" and add "http://ec.forexprostools.com/?columns=exc_currency,exc_importance&importance=1,2,3&calType=week&timeZone=15&lang=1" to the URL list for WebRequest.


  • Before using on a live account, test the EA with minimal risk.
  • Use a VPS server.
  • For best results, use the leverage of 1:100 or more (1:200/1:500).
  • Low spreads + low commission + high quality execution are important when choosing a broker to trade.
  • Broker with the minimum Stop Loss level of 0 points..
Tjommas M
2017.11.03 13:54 

I test different versions (v1.1, 3.0 and 3.3) of this ea on both demo and real. It seems to make profit on demo, but it does not on real with same settings. But I think this is an issue with this type of ea because I test an other breakout ea which also works on demo but does not on real.

Christian Battlogg
2017.10.17 22:39 

This EA did performe poorly over my 3 month test with a variety of brokers and setups. Early looked promising, but got worse with every release. As other users also experienced, account bleeds away and only makes money during rare market conditions. There might be times it is profitable, but not over time. The right Broker, theire liqidity and order execution is key.

A fast VPS with less than 2ms did not perform better than without VPS and 70ms.

The price and rent of this EA is not justified given the poor results. It was waste of money and time. A Pricepoint at $99 or less would be acceptable.

Chuanqi Zheng
2017.09.30 05:51 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Inna Jermolajeva
2017.09.18 16:45 

Just spend time and money -----

Hien Hoang
2017.09.06 18:59 

Worst performance, the first version of EA do better. The result performs worst on each version release. It better to test your new version yourself in at least 1 month in a real account before release for us to use. I can't downgrade after an upgrade, so please be careful with each release in mql5.

Randy Katz
2017.09.02 20:37 

Software reducing account balance severely. Signal is not true. Many excuses about VPS, broker, etc....I met all the good conditions, many false reviews and reviewers here. BEWARE!

Recent release but EA is still making more losses than gains. Let me translate more losses than gains means the account balance reduces over time! Now please fix this and let me know, thank you!

Igor Yakovlev
2017.08.24 12:47 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

David Feuillet
2017.08.16 15:55 

看作者的信号很不错, 希望能一样盈利赚钱


2017.08.10 20:10 

It didn't work out for me. Started out well and ended up slowly bleeding away profit. Sorry, but from my personal experience I can't recommend this EA

2017.08.10 17:04 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.08.09 13:08 

I have to be honest here, this ea started off looks good but at the end it's performing. I'm using same broker with same live trading server and 1.5 ms vps yet it's not doing well. A quick gain of 20% and a quick lost of 40%. For those who using it good luck to you. Read my comment and accounts at


No offence to the author, Ivan is a great guy and provide excellent service but sadly this ea is not really performing.

Chao Xu
2017.08.07 01:53   

poor performance

2017.08.06 20:23 

First week of the test is solid losses, the closing of orders is not correctly implemented. Product underfulfilled!

Mateusz Staron
2017.07.29 10:01 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.07.28 18:30 

Lots of scams running on here: Buy EA, get told to contact author for latest version, except version given is not the same as that used by author and his friends - the ones that make all the glowing comments. Or, author's signal does not match EA performance, Or, author and his friends spam the comments of his own EA in order to ramp up his ratings. These patterns are fairly evident and makes it almost impossible for a buyer to find a good honest product. Would be easy to clean up this marketplace; Make it mandatory for every author to produce a signal and thereafter monitor the signal. If performance and signal don't match then ban the product and give author a warning.

After 3 weeks of live trading this EA I can say that it is a rock solid performer, identical to authors signals. This is the diamond we have been searching for. I can also say that this EA is now in the hands of big money (much bigger than mine). From here on the game changes and the balance is tilted slightly more in our favor. When the Dealers come hunting for our stops they must bring more money to the table :)

Using: IC Markets True ECN, Server 01 in New York, Chocoping 3GB, 2ms also in NY

Finally: Big thank you to Ivan for producing such a great EA and for being kind and generous to share it with us

Eng Hoe Teh
2017.07.26 23:26 

The author is very helpful and great support , great EA.

Saya pann
2017.07.26 07:31 

This EA is One of only very few EAs in the market which could fulfill users' expectation as well as growing capitals up consistently. Maybe even the best in the market. Keep it up and Appreciate your effort, Ivan. Cheers!

J.T. Mays
2017.07.14 20:04   

I'm not giving the EA a rating because in my case it would not be fair to the author, because he clearly recommends using the EA only with brokers with high quality execution. I live in the US and am very limited in the brokers to choose from, so I did a live test on a real TradersWay account, and the results were mostly losses or break even with only a few very small winners. You should definitely heed the author's advice to use this EA only on brokers with high quality execution, such as ICMarkets where the Author's results are very, very good so far.

Version 3.3 - 2017.09.18
Fixed an error in the function of trading between news
Version 3.2 - 2017.09.15
- Added option to turn off trading on the news
Version 3.1 - 2017.09.08
Added the function for closing orders after news
Version 3.0 - 2017.08.28
- Added a mode less sensitive to the market (V2)
- Fixed bugs and code errors
- Improved the operation of trailing in real conditions
- Improved the trailing algorithm
- Optimized the code
- Added news trading (test)
Version 1.3 - 2017.08.16
- added trailing stop for loss-making positions.
Version 1.2 - 2017.08.07
- added automatic selection of the magic number when selecting a symbol;
- added ability to shift pending orders;
- added additional modification of the order in case of a stop loss modification error during trailing;
- added ability to close a trade in case of a stop loss modification error during trailing;
- added ability to delete all the orders of the EA when removing the EA from the chart.
Version 1.1 - 2017.07.17
- Added the function for adapting the stop loss during slippages
- Added the function for transferring deals to breakeven