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MIRA Smart

MIRA is an Expert Advisor built according to the principles of indicator-less short-term trading based on martingale with different protection levels and customization. It provides methods for reducing risks by fixing a part of profit by trailing stop, smoothing out the gaps by means of dynamic locking, automatic recovering from drawdowns, buying out losing positions. A strict risk management system allows setting a limit on the allowed drawdown both as a percentage and in the deposit currency.

The EA has been configured to work on EURUSD (M15 timeframe), but it can work on any currency pairs and timeframes when the appropriate parameters are selected.


  • Do not send new orders - disable sending new order blocks
  • Method of lot size calculate – calculation of volume
  • Lots autoset - auto set quantity parameters
  • Unit of deposit - deposit unit for auto setting
    • Base lot – lot size of the first order, for 'Static' – lot size of every order
    • Number of lots digits – the number of decimal places in the lot size
    • Maximal lot size – maximum lot size
    • Lots gains – increment for 'Arithmetic'
    • Lot exponent – power for 'Exponential'
    • Lot aggression – aggressiveness for 'Smart'
    • Lot acceleration – offset for 'Smart'
    • Reduction of lot aggression – decrease of aggressiveness
    • Level for start reduction – aggressiveness reduction threshold
    • Direction method for orders – order management
      • Closing all before opening new - close old orders before opening new ones. Does not work with 'Method of lot size calculate', opened by multiplier (multiplier - Lot exponent)
      • Cost averaging – averaging of costs
    • Maximal number of trades – the number of orders in the same direction
    • Double side trading - trading in both directions
    • Take profit – take profit
    • Correction profit on spread – adjustment of take profit by spread
    • Method of step size calculate – grid step
      • Static – fixed
      • Passive growth – grows out of necessity, determined by the market
      • Active growth – always grows
      • Smart save – grows at drawdown
      • Market adaptive – determined by volatility
    • Dynamic step size – dynamic grid
    • Step – step for Static, if 'Passive growth' and 'Smart save' – starting step
    • Slippage at opening – slippage
    • Number of trades before start Smart save – the number of orders for starting 'Smart save'
    • Acceleration for buying step - growth acceleration of the buy step
    • Speed for buying step - growth speed of the buy step
    • Acceleration for selling step - growth acceleration of the sell step
    • Speed for selling step - growth speed of the sell step
    • Stabilization – stabilization
    • Step aggression – aggressiveness of the step
    • Trailing stop – trailing stop
    • Trailing start level – trailing start level
    • Trailing size – trailing stop size
    • Dynamic lock – dynamic lock
    • Dynamic lock start level – start of the lock
    • Dynamic lock fraction – distribution of the lock
    • Maximal lot size of lock – the maximum lot of the lock
    • Limitation of orders work time – limit on the order expiration time
    • Number of hours to working of orders – the number of hours for order expiration
    • To get out of drawdown – buying out losing orders
    • Drawdown in percent to start getting out – drawdown in percent for buying out
    • Drawdown in currency to start getting out – drawdown in currency for buying out
    • Stoploss of order to start getting out – order stop loss value for buying out
    • Part of profit in percent to cover unprofitable trades – part of the profit allocated for buying out
    • Temporary lock – temporary lock
    • Drawdown in percent to use temporary lock – drawdown in percent for a temporary lock
    • Blocking work if drawdown – stop trading at drawdown.
    • Drawdown in percent to blocking – drawdown in percent to stop trading
    • Drawdown in currency to blocking – drawdown in currency to stop trading
    • Magic auto change – magic auto-change function.
    • Drawdown in percent to auto change - drawdown in percent for auto-change of magic
    • Drawdown in currency to auto change – drawdown in currency for auto-change of magic
    • Close all if blocking or auto chance – close all orders by market when stopping trading or auto-changing magic
    • Lock if blocking – set a "lock" when stopping trading
    • Number of trades for lock – the number of lock orders
    • Step between trades of lock – distance between the lock orders
    • Magic for buy – magic for buy orders
    • Magic for sell – magic for sell orders
    2017.08.10 13:09 

    Всем привет! Тестирую чуть больше месяца на реальном счету. депозит 50000 (центов).Лот 0,01, прибыль +11%. Максимальная просадка была около 30%. Считаю,что сова достойна 5 звезд!

    Version 1.1 - 2017.07.21
    Improved the "Temporary lock" function. Added ability to prematurely close a locked block with subsequent deletion of not activated stop orders.

    Added ability to smoothly stop trading. The "Do not send new orders" function stops opening blocks, while the old ones are finished with no changes.

    Added ability to automatically re-configure parameters when changing the deposit - the "Lots autoset" function. After setting the "Unit of deposit" parameter, the EA quantity parameters are fixed and re-calculated in case of a fold change of the deposit. The function is used as a fixed-fractional money management pattern.