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Fisher Divergence detector MultiTimeFrame MT4

This is the multi-time frame Fisher Divergence indicator for MetaTrader 4, with signal arrows and a Signals panel which is freely movable showing the last signals and their time in color.

The indicator draws some lines based on signal time. On the time frames below H4, the indicator scans for H4 divergence signals and draws it on chart with thick trend lines, and also it draws arrows for them.

And also it scans the current time frame and draws a line at divergence location and places signal arrows. The thickness of the lines for current time frame is thin.

The indicator draws 2 types of divergence lines:

  1. Solid lines: strong signals (writing buy or sell in signal panel)
  2. Dash dot lines: Signals that need confirmation. (check your other indicators too) ( writing buy-wait or sell-wait words in signals panel.)

How To Use This Indicator

Set Fisher Period. Select if you want all candles to be scanned or only scan peaks in both candles and fisher oscillator.

I like the Signals syncing between M15 and H4 periods the most. But you can use it on every time frame you like.

When the H4 divergence shows buy or sell signals and M15 confirms it too, it will be a good trading signal.

When it shows buy-wait or sell-wait signals its a weak signal but you can check and take those trades too.

Also the signals panel can be moved freely or minimized so that it doesn't take too much space of your charts.

Never forget money management and do not trade over sized for your accounts.

Indicator Settings

  • Fisher Period - default setting is 10.
  • Scan mode - Scan all candles / or scan peaks only. Select if you want to scan all candles (more signals, less accurate) or scan only peaks when both indicator and oscillator show a peak (less signals, more accurate)
  • Panel Width
  • Panel Height
  • Second_Column_Position
  • Third_Column_Position
  • Font_size
  • AvailableFonts_SampleList: This is a sample list of available fonts on most of the systems that MetaTrader can use. Copy one of them in the next input field.
  • Font_name: type the name of your favorite font to use in panel. For example: forte
  • play_sound_alerts
  • Sound_file - Place your sound.wav file in MetaTrader "Sounds" folder and write the file name here to use it for signals.
  • Send_Email
  • Display_Alert
  • Send_Mobile_Alert
  • Sell arrow color
  • Buy arrow color
  • CurrentTF_Sell_lines: the color of divergence line for current chart timeframe.
  • CurrentTF_Buy_lines: the color of divergence line for current chart timeframe.
  • H4_TF_Sell_lines: the color of divergence line for H4 timeframe.
  • H4_TF_Buy_lines: the color of divergence line for H4 timeframe.
  • PrintLogs: Print some additional logs in Experts tab (for troubleshooting only)
2017.06.25 20:28 

Good divergence indicator.

Version 805.282 - 2018.06.12
1. Added more color options for trend lines and signals.
2. Fixed a panel issue for reloading from template.
3. Added Sound alert, email, program alert and mobile alerts.
Version 706.191 - 2017.06.22
Added panel width and panel height options. So that the higher resolutions can fix their signal panel display.
Also added columns position setting.
Also added font name and font size settings.
Version 706.91 - 2017.06.14
Version 706.081 : 2017.06.08-Added trend colored signals and signal price.
Version 706.091 : 2017.06.09-Performance optimization for backtests.