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Quantum Dynamic Price Pivots Indicator

For aspiring price action traders, reading a candle chart at speed can be learnt, but is a skill which takes years to perfect. For lesser mortals, help is required, and this is where the Quantum Dynamic Price Pivots indicator steps in to help.

As a leading indicator based purely on price action, the indicator delivers simple clear signals in abundance, highlighting potential reversals with clinical efficiency. Just like volume and price, pivots are another ‘predictive’ indicator, and a leading indicator of price behaviour. And this is just the starting point for the ‘Swiss army knife’ indicator.

Pivot points can then be used to identify congestion phases of price action, as they are created dynamically, as well as define trends, again in real time. And of course, not forgetting possible trading opportunities as well.

Two specific pivot signals are displayed. A pivot low, and a pivot high. Both are shown with a yellow arrow. The pivot low is triggered on the candle, when the candles or bars either side have a higher high and a higher low than that in the middle. The pivot high is triggered on the candle, when the candles or bars on either side have a lower high and a lower low. These simple phases of price action then signal potential reversals along with pauses points into congestion, and the development of longer term trends.

In congestion phases, the pivots mark the highs and lows of the phase dynamically. In the trend phase, again they mark the upper and lower trend lines as the price action develops.

This is why we refer to is as the ‘Swiss army knife’ indicator. Simple and elegant, yet powerful and functional with many uses! And when coupled with the Quantum Dynamic Support & Resistance indicator, really does allow you to take advantage of these key turning points – dynamically.

Get yours today, and take the hard work out of price action trading!

Please click here to learn how to configure Quantum Dynamic Price Pivots indicator. 

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Version 3.1 2018.08.16
- New input: Arrow Offset - You can add space between the arrow plots and the candlestick by increasing value of this setting.
- New input: Alerts - When enabled, an alert sound triggers and a message box appears when a new signal is detected. You can also see the details of the signal in your Experts tab.
- New input: Send Notifications - Allows the indicator to relay its alerts to your mobile device through push notifications.
Version 1.2 2014.09.15
Fixed: Only formed candles are observed for pivot patterns.
Version 1.1 2014.04.14
Fixed the bug that prevents pivots to paint when a new one is detected.