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SN Sixty Seconds

The indicator has been developed specifically for trading binary options with an expiration time of 60 seconds.

To facilitate trading, it features sending notifications when a signal appears. Signals can be sent to mobile devices using push notifications and email, if the terminal is configured accordingly. There is also the ability to set working time for the signals, so that the indicator does not generate signals in the non-trading time.


  • Time Use - enabled the scheduled signals mode;
  • Work Time - set the trading time. The time should be specified in the format HH:MM-HH:MM. Multiple periods are supported, which allows configuring the signals so that the indicator does not generate signals during the news releases. For example: 06:00-14:35, 15:00-19:00, 21:10-22:59;
  • Period - the main setting of the signal block. A higher value produces more accurate but fewer signals. A lower value gives signals more often, but their quality will be worse;
  • Arrow Offset - offset of the arrow from High or Low of the candle when displaying on the chart. Value in points;
  • Alert Use - use a pop-up alert to display the signal;
  • Push Use - use push notifications;
  • Mail Use - use emails to notify about the signals;
  • Sound Use - plays a sound alert once when a signal appears;
  • Signal Bar - enable generating signals on the current bar (value 0) or on the previous bar (value 1).
sunnychow 2018.12.16 13:01 

Thanks for sharing, good job.

john 2017.11.17 21:18   

could someone help me load this indicator ???? its not user friendly at all , it keeps asking me to sign in ?? I need this on the mt4 ex4 data folder and it wont come up on any charts !!!!

Zsuzsanna Agnes Meszaros
Zsuzsanna Agnes Meszaros 2017.09.07 20:36   

Work on it a bit please. It gives a lot of bad signals. More bad than good. I've tested a live account at Iqoption. Exasperating. If I go in when the arrow appears, it was not good, if after, the next candle, it was not good either. In addition, it gives signals in such impossible places etc.

graemelynn81 2017.07.12 00:43 

Youve done a great job with this 60 seconds indicator,fully customisable for your risk level as well. I like using a 21 period with mines its accuracy for 60 second trades is great.

Version 1.12 2017.06.01
- Improved the signal selection algorithm
Version 1.10 2017.05.25
- Fixed the display of signals when running in the Strategy Tester with "Signal Bar = 1"