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MQLTA Ghost TP and SL

The Ghost TP and SL EA will allow you to set stop loss and take profit levels in your chart keeping them hidden from your broker. This is very useful as sometimes the brokers will hunt your stop loss levels.

How does it work?

With the Ghost TP and SL you will set stop loss and take profit level and you will see them in your charts as lines. Each line can be configured as STOP LOSS or TAKE PROFIT, you can choose if the line will be selective for a specific order or orders matching a Magic Number. You can also choose if the level will be only a notification or if it will also close its orders.

How to Use the EA

Select the initial options when loading the EA, filtering options, colors and positions, notification options. Create the level with the graphical interface, set the price, the type of level (STOP LOSS or TAKE PROFIT).

Select if the level will be for a specific order X using OX or for orders of a Magic Number Y using MY.

Enable the notification first if you want. Enable the Auto Close if you want. Save the line and verify the settings, if the settings are correct set the Active as YES and save again, the line will be activated when the conditions are verified.

The following are necessary for the EA to work properly:

  • MetaTrader must be connected and online.
  • The Chart must be open.
  • Live Trading must be enabled.
  • The Settings of the level must be correct.

The Price that will trigger the Levels is the BID.

Why you should use the GHOST TP and SL?

When STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT are registered with the orders the broker will know what they are and some times it could hunt your levels, this EA allows you to have STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT hidden from the broker.


The EA can be configured to send you notifications:

  • Via Email.
  • Via App.
  • Via MetaTrader Alert.

EA Parameters

  • Objects Prefix (used for the panel) - Prefix for the created graphical objects, suggested to leave default.
  • Enable Notification Feature, to enable or disable notifications.
  • Send Alert Notification - true to send Alert notification (popup screen in MetaTrader).
  • Alert Sound (wav in the Sounds Folder of MetaTrader) - the file name of the sound to play during the alert.
  • Send Notification to Mobile - true to send notification to the mobile app.
  • Send Notification via Email - true to send the notification via email.
  • Slippage, to select the maximum slippage to use, in points.
  • Close Buy Color - color for close buy arrow.
  • Close Sell Color - color for close sell arrow.
  • Inactive Line Color - the color of the disabled lines.
  • Take Profit Line Color - the color of the take profit lines.
  • Stop Loss Line Color - the color of the stop loss lines.
  • Line Style - the style of the line.
  • Draw Line Labels - to chose is drawing or not the labels of the lines.
  • Horizontal offset (pixels) - horizontal spacing of the panel from the border.
  • Vertical offset (pixels) - vertical spacing of the panel from the border.

If you like this tool please take a minute to leave a review.

If you have suggestions to improve it please send me a message and we can discuss it further.

Feel free to visit my profile and "Add to friends" https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mql4autotrading.

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Version 1.2 - 2018.02.14
- Bug fix
Version 1.1 - 2017.10.04
- Removed popup box