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Price Velocity

The indicator calculates the average price velocity over the specified time period. It is known that the trading time flows unevenly, in bursts. It either goes faster, or slows down. This indicator will tell if the trading time has accelerated and it is necessary to go to the smaller timeframes to search for trade signals.


Alert is generated when the price velocity exceeds the specified threshold. The threshold value can be modified using the buttons on the information panel. A .wav file from the set of standard terminal sounds or any other audio file can be used as the audio alert. A third-party file should be placed to <MT4 terminal>\Sounds folder, after that its name should be specified in the indicator settings.

The information panel of the indicator can be selected (double click) and dragged in the main chart window using the mouse.

Input parameters

  • Price - applied price: bid, ask, (bid+ask)/2;
  • Averaging time interval, ms - duration of the averaging interval in milliseconds;
  • SoundFile name - name of the .wav audio file;
  • InfoPanel background color - background color of the information panel;
  • InfoPanel text color - text color of the information panel;
  • InfoPanel text fontsize - text size of the information panel.
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