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Candle Countdown Alarm and Timer

Candle Countdown Alarm & Timer will allow you to always keep the time left to the next candle close or open in sight in order to never miss one again.


Often, the close of an important Candle formation and therefore a good trade entry gets missed because one does not always have the time in sight. With this tool, that annoying situation is not going to happen to you anymore. The main functions of the tool are:

  1. displaying the time left to the next candle close on the chart and
  2. alert you at a specified time before the candle close and/or when a new candle appears.

If you want it to, it can even send a push notification to your mobile device if one of the above occurs.

Input Parameters

There are various settings that you can change to fit the tool to your likings:

  • Label Color - Set the Color that the label should have.
  • Label Font - Set the label font
  • Label Font Size - Set the label fonts size
  • Label Text - Select a text that should be displayed before the time left to the candle close, for example "Candle Close Time Remaining: "
  • Label Position - Select a corner as a base for the label (Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Top Right, Top Left)
  • Label Distance from Corner (X) - Select the distance of the label from the corner that it is based in on the X-Axis
  • Label Distance from Corner (Y) - Select the distance of the label from the corner that it is based in on the Y-Axis
  • Alarm if a new candle opens? - Send an alarm if a new candle opens/the old candle closes
  • Activate Alarm? - Activate the alarm to warn you a specified time before the next candle close
  • Set Alarm (Minutes to Candle Close) - Specify how many minutes before the next candle close the alarm should be sent
  • Set Alarm Label Color - If the alarm gets triggered, which Color should the label take?
  • Set Alarm Label Color Style - Should the alarm Color flash every second or be constant?
  • Send Notification to Mobile Device - Do you want the program to send a notification to you mobile device if an alarm gets triggered?

How to configure MetaTrader to send notifications to your mobile phone

First, you need to have the fitting MetaTrader app installed on your Android or iOS device. Then, go to Tools -> Options -> Notifications on your MetaTrader PC application and check “Enable Push Notifications”. Here, you can also find the mobile MetaTrader apps. Now, enter your MetaQuotes ID. You can find that in the mobile App in the settings or in your profile at Settings -> Security. Once you are finished, you can test the connection to see if it works and you are ready to receive notifications from your Candle Countdown Timer & Alarm.

How to change the alarm sound

Under Tools -> Options -> Events you can change the sound that is being played when an alert gets induced. If you want a custom sound to get played, simply copy the sound file into the Sounds folder.

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