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FRX Pure

The FRX Pure indicator is an innovative tool which allows you to reveal so-called smart money transactions.

Those are transactions of the big market makers like hedge funds and banks crucially influencing the market trend.

In order to incline or decline a certain currency the big players are not focusing on single currency pairs but do basket trading.

FRX Pure will enable you to analyse those price patterns to use them to your advantage.

Due to its precise and tick based calculation of multiple currency pairs FRX Pure cannot be used in the Strategy Tester.


Working with the example of the Japanese Yen you look for correlated strong movements of all JPY currency pairs.

Every line of FRX Pure stands for one JPY currency pair.

Please zoom out of the chart as far as possible.

Make sure that every currency pair is displayed in the Market Watch window.

After first starting MT4 please refresh FRX Pure from time to time by changing the time frame in order to bring the lines closer together.

This program allows you to have a constant tick stream and therefore a precise identification of transactions happening simultaneously.


  • Currency: Please select the currency to be monitored.
  • Mirror: Here, the currency pairs get mirrored. If Mirror is set true the lines of a bullish JPS exchange rate go bearish.
  • ShowAsk: If this option is set true FRX Pure uses the Ask price instead of the Bid price for calculation.
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