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Double Parabolic MTF free

This is an advanced multi-timeframe version of the popular Parabolic SAR indicator.

Double Parabolic MTF free combines two timeframes on Parabolic SAR graph. The higher timeframe Parabolic defines the trend, while the lower timeframe one searches for the market entry point in trend direction.

How to use

Buy if the lower timeframe Parabolic has switched and is under the price. The higher timeframe Parabolic should also be under the price. A stop loss can be set at the higher or lower timeframe Parabolic level.

Double Parabolic MTF free is distributed for free but it does not have audio signals. Besides, it does not allow sending push notifications and emails.

If you need the advanced functions of the multi-timeframe Parabolic (convenient entry point signals, audio and text messages, vislualization of the optimal stop loss level, data on Parabolic from all timeframes), try Double Parabolic MTF Histo.


Parabolic`s TF offsets block - shift of the Parabolics' timeframe relative to the current one. The value can be greater or equal to 0. 1 means higher by 1, 2 - higher by 2 etc. For example, when the current period is M5, if you set the parameter to 1, the indicator will display Parabolic data on M15, and if you set it to 2, the indicator will display Parabolic data on M30.

  • Offset of SAR #1 relative to the current TF (can be >0 or =0) - shift of the Parabolic 1 timeframe (by default, 0 is the current timeframe)
  • Offset of SAR #2 relative to the current TF (can be >0 or =0) - shift of the Parabolic 2 timeframe (by default, 2 - 2 timeframes higher than the current one)

Parabolic`s parameters block - standard parameters of Parabolic SAR:

  • step - price change step
  • maximum - price change maximum
sunnychow 2018.12.16 09:38 

Thanks for sharing

Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.03.16 12:49 

Good indicator with it's own filter!