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Le Grid MT4

Le Grid MT4 sets grids consisting of pending orders. The program builds grids consisting of STOP and LIMIT orders with a necessary step using the position volume multiplier if necessary. The special buttons display profit and loss by a position type, as well as allow you to close positions by their type. Standard and virtual trailing stops are provided as well to close positions.

Grids are opened in two clicks - first select the grid type from the drop-down list: Stop, Limit or both order types. Next, select an order type and open a grid by clicking Open sell grid or Open buy grid.

You can check the product in your terminal's strategy tester in the Visualization mode.


  • Building order grids of all types with an adjustable distance and trade volume increase ratio.
  • Closing orders by an open position type allows closing wrongly opened positions only.
  • The presence of two trailing stop types for auto closing of trades at the right moment.
  • Displaying the deposit drawdown/increase calculated in % of the deposit.
  • Displaying profit/loss for open Buy and Sell orders separately.


How trailing stop works

  • The standard trailing stop indicated by the "Trailing orders" button starts moving the stop loss with a specified step when a trade becomes profitable, so you do not have to close all orders manually.
  • The virtual trailing stop indicated by the "Trailing equity" button performs actions similar to the standard trailing. However, instead of moving stop lines, it applies profit/loss values summed up among all open orders regardless of their type and Open level. When the necessary conditions are met, trailing closes all market and pending positions (both Buy and Sell) related to the selected symbol.
  • When clicked, the trailing button state changes to V. Till it remains pressed, the trailing is enabled. To disable the function, simply click the button again. Its return to the state X means disabling the trailing functions.

Input parameters

  • Lots - first trade volume.
  • Magic - magic number.
  • Orders - number of each type orders for a grid.
  • StopLoss - order Stop Loss level in points.
  • Step - grid step.
  • Slippage - slippage in tolerances.
  • Martingale - pending order multiplier.
  • TrailingStepOrders - standard trailing step.
  • TrailingStartOrders - standard trailing start.
  • TrailingStepEqutiy - virtual trailing step.
  • TrailingStartEqutiy - virtual trailing start.

Attention: Using aggressive trading strategies, like the Grid, raises your financial risks.

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Version 1.25 - 2017.11.17
The StopLoss parameter has been added.
Version 1.20 - 2017.06.16
Changed the buttons for opening grids.