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Le Grid MT4

Le Grid MT4 places grids of pending orders. The program builds grids consisting of STOP and LIMIT orders with a necessary step using the position volume multiplier if necessary. There are 6 buttons for closing market orders and one button fro closing pending orders. Standard and virtual trailing stops are provided as well to close positions.

Grids are opened in two clicks - first select the grid type from the list: Stop, Limit or both order types. Next, select an order type and open a grid by clicking Open sell grid or Open buy grid.

You can check the product in your terminal's strategy tester in the Visualization mode.


  • Building order grids of all types with an adjustable distance and trade volume increase ratio.
  • Closing orders by an open position type allows closing wrongly opened positions only.
  • Two trailing stop types, two take profit types and three stop loss types for closing the trades automatically at the right moment.
  • Displaying the deposit drawdown/increase calculated in % of the deposit.
  • Displaying profit/loss for open Buy and Sell orders separately.

How trailing stop works

  • The standard trailing stop indicated by the "Trailing orders" button starts moving the stop loss with a specified step when a trade becomes profitable, so you do not have to close all orders manually.
  • The virtual trailing stop indicated by the "Trailing equity" button performs actions similar to the standard trailing. However, instead of moving stop lines, it applies profit/loss values summed up among all open orders regardless of their type and Open level. When the necessary conditions are met, trailing closes all market and pending positions (both Buy and Sell) related to the selected symbol with matching OrderMagicNumber.

Input parameters

  • Lots - first trade volume;
  • Magic – order magic number;
  • Slippage – slippage in points;
  • Order_Comment - comments to orders;
  • Orders – number of each type orders for a grid;
  • Step – order grid step;
  • Buy_Grid_Orders - select the type of Buy pending orders;
  • Sell_Grid_Orders - select the type of Sell pending orders;
  • Multiplier_Type - select the order multiplication type;
  • Multiplier – volume multiplier for pending orders;
  • Add_to_Lots – volume increment for pending orders;
  • Trailing_Type - select the trailing type;
  • TrailingStepOrders - trailing step in points for the Trailing_in_points mode;
  • TrailingStartOrders - trailing start in points for the Trailing_in_points mode;
  • TrailingStart_Money - trailing start in the deposit currency for the Trailing_in_money mode;
  • TakeProfit_Type - select the take profit type;
  • TakeProfit_Money - take profit value in money for a group of orders;
  • TakeProfit_Points - take profit value in points for a single order;
  • StopLoss_Type - select the stop loss type;
  • StopLoss_Points - stop loss value in points for a single order;
  • StopLoss_Money - stop loss value in money for a group of orders;
  • StopOutValue - stop loss value in money for all orders in all groups in the window;
Luis Angel Valverde
Luis Angel Valverde 2018.09.21 08:18 

The issue of activations seems a scam, it is not normal that every time the computer is turned off incorrectly the mt4 ask for another activation of the experts, A SCAM.

Peter 2018.05.07 09:06 

Great tool to use for grid trading! Works well and I'm happy with my testing.

Version 2.0 2018.03.29
- Changed the panel design;
- Added three types of the volume multiplication for pending orders in the grid;
- Added stop loss in money;
- Added take profit in money and in points;
- Added StopOut (closing all deals by total loss) in money;
- Added a button for closing all pending orders;
Version 1.25 2017.11.17
The StopLoss parameter has been added.
Version 1.20 2017.06.16
Changed the buttons for opening grids.