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Market Pulse

The Market Pulse Expert Advisor tracks volatility surges in the market. For this purpose, the EA uses built-in proprietary indicators which work directly with tick data. Therefore, you can run the Expert Advisor on any timeframe. The idea of ​​trading is to capture small movements when the market moves back to its normal state.

The detailed description of the EA operation is available at the following links: https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/694234 (in Russian) and https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/694579 (in English)

Backtest results cannot be used for the optimization and evaluation of the Expert Advisor performance. The Expert Advisor uses the time value of tick arrival. This parameter cannot be obtained in the Strategy Tester. Therefore, the tick arrival time is generated randomly. In the testing mode, you can evaluate the operation of the volume increase system. This way you can assess possible risks during unfavorable periods.

The EA uses a system increasing the trading volume in case of drawdowns! There is an increased risk of significant losses! You should use the system at your own risk.

Operation Principles

  • Not dependent on a selected timeframe Works with ticks
  • The Expert Advisor avoids generation of too frequent trading signals in case of sharp volatility changes, for example after a news release
  • Flexible configuration of operation hours. A pause module, in which any time interval can be specified
  • An advanced spread filter. It filters out news releases, during which the spread is significantly increased. The filter prevents the EA from opening a deal until the spread is normalized
  • Trade volume increase system (see the detailed description for more information). The lot increase depends on the profit target and coverage percent. This approach is more flexible than using a multiplier
  • The volume increase system works simultaneously in several EA instances running on different symbols. So, multicurrency trading is executed by one Expert Advisor


  • A trusted broker with good order execution
  • Low spreads
  • When using the volume increase system, choose accounts with the maximum possible leverage
  • High-quality and fast VPS

Description of Input Parameters

Trade signal search parameters

  • Min signal speed - the tick speed value. The higher the speed parameter, the stronger must be the impulse
  • Tick speed ratio - the ratio of the relative speed. The higher the ratio, the stronger should be the surge in comparison to the previous situation
  • TickSpeed MA period - the tick speed averaging period
  • Main signal ticks - the number of ticks without forming a new high (a sell signal) or a new low (a buy signal). A deal is opened immediately after the specified number of ticks is received

Operating Hours

The default operation hours are set for trade severs with GMT+3
  • Start trade hour/Start trade minute - If Start trade hour=2, Start trade minute=30, the EA will start working at 2:30:00
  • End trade hour/End trade minute - if End trade hour=21, End trade minute=45, the EA will stop working at 21:44:59
  • Filter by the days of the week. true/false for each day of the week
  • New trades pause - true/false
  • Open trade actions - define actions to be taken during the pause interval.
  • Pause intervals - specify here pause intervals. The format: 9:45-10:10;15:15-15:45
  • Pause levels color
  • Line style

Spread filter

  • Spread filter - the spread value in points (5 digit quotes).

Risk Management

The StopLoss and TakeProfit parameters are set in the 5-digit format!
  • Out of time close - if set to true, the EA will close an open deal at the end of the EA;s working hours
  • Enable volume multiple - true/false
  • Coverage percent - the parameter influences the trading volume increase
  • Trade Volume (Start volume) - in the normal mode it is a fixed lot value to be used. If yoy enable lot increase, this will be the initial loot value
  • StopLoss
  • TakeProfit

Position management

The Trailing activate and Main Trailing parameters are set for 5-digit quotes!
  • Enable trailing stop - true/false
  • Trailing activate - the distance for trailing activation
  • Main Trailing - the distance to the stop loss level

Other parameters

  • Orders comment
  • Magic

Standard parameters are set for EURUSD

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