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PrinceJ 58FX Macd Alert

  • Purpose : Used as a tool for Traders and Investors
  • This product is a Macd alert Indicator, which gives two (2) sets of Alerts:
    • Main line and Macd Signal line cross over for early indications of retracements or trend change above or below.
    • While the zero cross is the flipping over effect of the histogram to the opposite side of the zero line, which can be seen on the standard Macd Oscillator.
    • Regular Arrows: Up and down arrows shows the cross over Of the Signal Line and Main Line from above for short or sell signals. When arrow appears below this signifies a buy/long signal;
    • Zero (O) symbol Arrows: Shows where the Macd histogram flips to the other side of the Zero Level.

Changeable Inputs

  1. Fast_EMA - 12
  2. Slow_EMA - 26
  3. MACD_SMA - 9
  4. Shift - 0
  5. Arrow_Placement_Down = Pips away from Signal candle Above
  6. Arrow_Placement_UP = Pips away from Signal candle Below
  7. Send_Email-Alert = To Email as the name suggest.
  8. Audible_Alerts = With arrow
  9. Push_Notifications = To other Device

Do enjoy.

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