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Green Wall Arrows

The Name Green Wall: Arrows hits a lot of TP, by changing the idea of non using SL as something bad, but instead use Small TP and a lot of free Margin and Patience. Use micro TP and a lot of Free Margin with this indicator on Forex. It also can be used with Binary Options.

This strategy is intended to be traded Manually.

  • This Indicator runs on Open Bar, arrows will delete when price are against it.
  • The only Indicator Parameter is Alerts true/false, all the rest is included inside the code.
  • Arrows come at the very beginning of a bar, so you always have good entry and better profit chance.
  • Added Alerts to void the disappearing arrow
  • It is extremely simple to use, follow arrows or Alerts set with it, and set TP of 5 pips.
  • Avoid Weekends and No volatile hours
  • Tested on Forex - Commodity - Energy - Index - Futures - BINARY
  • Once you choose your timeframe, keep trading it, or you will get confused as you can have up arrow M15 and down arrow M30.

Money Management for using this indicator and strategy

  • use 0.01 every $1000 on a 1:200 Leverage account
  • Use TP $0.5 every 0.01 lot size
  • I do not use SL, but I  close in small loss if needed at day close. I check day or H4 Arrows, in order to see if I leave the order open or I close.
  • Open as many trades as you want, but only one trade per arrow or Alert
  • SL you can use last higher high of last 5 bars if order sell, same for buy orders
  • If not using SL, make sure you opened many orders as winning loss relationship is 1 loss/4 wins or 1 loss/5 wins
  • You can afford losses from profits at day close or next day, this for better Money /Risk Management.
  • To use on Binary Options, I am running good trades using a higher timeframe than the one to be trading. For example, I am using M1 bullet trades, using the indicator on M5 chart for having the alerts.

Do not overtrade with this strategy, but this does not mean to not open as many orders you want.

I am trading 20-70 trades every day following arrows.

I am happy to know you are testing it, and happy to read your comments.


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Version 2.0 2017.06.01
This update is just another entry for the arrows. Previous version arrows seem to come a bit late.