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PSY Price Line

Price Line is a very simple psychological indicator.

This tool allows you to position a price level on the chart and receive a customizable visual message that will help us understand what the market is doing.

You can customize the color, the text and the size of the message.

How often are you wrong trading because you are under the illusion that the market should do what you expect?

With this indicator you will work more concretely and effectively.

Good Work and Good Trading at All.

Input Values

  • Long_Line_Color: color for LONG line
  • Long_Label_Text: customizable text for LONG line
  • Short_Line_Color: color for SHORT line
  • Short_Label_Text: customizable text for SHORT line
  • Show_Labels (true/false): enable Labels on chart
    • Line_Style: style for all lines
    • Line_Width: width for all lines
    • Shift_Label: able to move text in your favorite position on chart
    • Label_Font: font for text
    • Label_Font_Size: size for text
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