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Swiss Army Scalper

After experimenting with range trading on different pairs, I found that recent optimization was the least curve-fitted and corresponded the most to historic data on EURCHF. And therefore would stay more true to the general behavior of the pair.

After this discovery I felt challenged to see what I could come up with to beat the move pattern of EURCHF.

This EA is the result. It was created in less than a week and I was really happy with it!

It buys low and sells high, according to an optimized formula, and multiple entry rules.

Historical Tick data testing on last year showed: $590 profit at a little under 10% draw-down with mini lots (0.01). The win-rate was 98.9%. 17 Losing trades out of 1573 trades. The most wins in a row without a loss was 393 trades. (This is no promise of future results)

There's no statistical postponing of losses through "martingale" or other loss covering mathematical strategies, where the bots don't really trade well from the beginning.


  • You can start with as little as $100 in your account (that will imply a little higher risk).
  • No Martingale, averaging or other eventually account-crashing strategies, just pure strategy.
  • Uses real stop loss at order-placing.
  • Back-tested, and optimized on 1 year tick data (360 000 bars).


  • Dynamic lot available.
  • Multiple trade entries coded into the same strategy.
  • New ideas of filtering, or actually old ones that others said could not work.
  • Real stops, take profits and a tight trail, many small trades.
  • Will not cause severe damage if computer is turned off, but it will perform a lot better with your computer constantly connected.
  • Virtual take profit.
  • Recommends a low spread broker, but if spread goes up the EA will automatically become pickier in taking trades.
  • No server(VPS) required.
  • No fast computer or low latency, just a working internet connection.
  • There´s no curve-fitting whatsoever. To make this sure, I optimized it for 2016-2017, but also ran it on tick data for 2015-2016 with 2017 settings. And that showed good results too.
  • Depending on broker spreads and other factors everyone will have a different amount of trades, last years test data gave roughly 25 per week.


  • Time frame to run the bot on - The bot is optimized for EURCHF M1, chart time frame can still be flipped back n forth as long as this one is on M1.
  • Lot size - The lot size to use.
  • Above lot size per 1000$ - This is automatic lot size, in relation to account. It takes the above chosen lot size for every 1000 USD in the account.
  • Spread filter - Does not take trades if spread is more than the set max spread.
  • Max spread - Set the maximum spread to take trades.
  • ID - Set an unique id for every bot you are using, to not have them try to control the same positions. (Magic Number)

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, or problems with it!

But remember if you are new, there are a lot of videos on how to start an EA on YouTube!

I will be pre-selling this robot without a signal (since I finished it last week), to a price of $99 for the first 10 costumers that dare to take a leap of faith.

The next 10 customers that can hopefully benefit from a review or two will pay $150 and so on, until we reach $299.

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