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Swiss Army Scalper

Note: Backtesting is by default off, and needs to be turned on for the EA to work properly. This goes for testing the EA in strategy tester as well.

Sixteen months after the first Swiss Army Scalper was released, there is now finally a self optimizing version. There have been hundreds of hours building different self testing functions and experimenting with different ways of filtering the market. While some of them are still in the lab, and I have some great ideas going on, this version is a first implementation of a new approach and self optimization combined. It's simple, yet intuitive and I couldn't have built it without all the trial and error of the last two years.

Swiss Army Scalper trades on overbought and oversold areas that the tester deems to be statistically favorable. This version can be run on any currency and any time-frame, though you'll soon find some to work better than others.

Up until now it's been tested for one month on live account, but I can't guarantee there are no bugs. So be cautious. And report any deviating behavior.

All  orders are placed with a stop-loss, and can be set with strict risk-control.


  • You can start with as little as $100 in your account (that will imply a little higher risk).
  • No martingale, averaging or other potentially account-crashing approaches, just pure strategy.
  • Uses tight real server side stop-loss at order-placing.
  • A lot of work has been put in to get the built in back tester to match reality as accurate as possible.
  • Low spread broker or VPS isn't crucial any more, but beneficial.
  • Will not cause any serious damage if computer is turned off, but it will need to be connected to take profit.
  • No fast computer or low latency, just a working internet connection.
  • Great measures to prevent over-fitting in the self tester have been taken.


  • ---------------------------------- Start settings --------------------------------------
  • Turn on backtest engine - If this one is off, the ea will divert back to default settings which aren't great at all.
  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Delay start - The optimization will wait this many minutes, to not overload slow computers, when placed on multiple charts.
  • Use previous optimizations if exists -  Successful optimizations are saved on the computer to speed up reboots.
  • ----------------------------- Strategy Tester mode ---------------------------------
  • Force MT4 strategy tester to wait for enough bars  - If you run the ea in Mt4's strategy tester, make sure to turn this one on. It will save you headache.
  • ---------------------------------- Trade settings -------------------------------------
  • Lot size - Chose position size
  • Use dynamic lot(set by risk) - Switch to automatic lot size in relation to account size.
  • Risk per trade (percent) - Percentage of account to risk on each trade
  • Spread filter - Don't take trades when it's wide spread
  • Max spread(points) - Set a maximum spread
  • Minimum profit to trade - Backtester trades with lotsize 0.01. This setting prevents it from trading if profit was't high enough on history.
  • Minimum risk versus reward to trade - Minimum drawdown to profit ratio. It's important to have much higher profit than dd.
  • -------------------------------- Backtest settings -----------------------------------
  • Candles to backtest on - Chose how far back in history backtester should go.
  • Reoptimize after x bars - Chose how many candles to wait before reoptimizing.
  • Min back test orders (increasing with bars) - Minimum trades in backtest result to confirm optimization.
  • Minimum backtest profit to trade - Minimum profit in backtest to confirm optimization.
  • Maximum drawdown (account currency) - Minimum drawdown in backtest to confirm optimization.
  • Average broker spread (points) - Estimate an average spread on current pair on current broker.
  • Broker comission on 0.01 lots (account currency) - Check trading history, how much does your broker charge in commission per order, if any.
  • Broker commission - The commission your broker charges for every 0.01 trade you open.
  • ------------------------------------ EA Settings ---------------------------------------
  • ShowComment - Show comment field in upper left corner.
  • UserMagicNumber - If you run multiple bots, set a unique ID for this one.

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Version 2.5 2018.11.26
-A bug that made it take profit too early, was fixed
-A bug that made it save even though optimization was not finished, fixed.
Version 2.4 2018.11.22
- Improved backtester
- Improved volatility filter
- Bugg fixes
Version 2.3 2018.11.12
- Improved settings
- Buggfixes
Version 2.2 2018.11.08
-Small fixes
-Increased default bars to optimize on
Version 2.1 2018.10.11
- Bugfix on the Strategy Tester function.
Version 2.0 2018.10.09
- Huge rebuild of the ea.
- New advanced and my most accurate so far self testing engine built in.
- Developed alongside the static version for over a year.
Version 1.3 2018.04.04
- Bugfixes
- Dynamic lot is now set with risk in %
Version 1.2 2018.04.02
- Much tighter stops
- New pair and timeframe
- More advanced filtering and new rules for profit taking
- Now it takes broker commission into account when taking profit