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Right Direction Indicator

This indicator is built on a high-precision strategy, which is based on a set of different Moving Averages. Together they form a strategy that provides stable, and most importantly accurate signals.

What is a Moving Average (MA)

It is one of the most popular, proven and effective ways to work in the Forex market. Its task is to average price values by smoothing local movements, thereby helping the trader to focus on the major price movements.

How to Trade

  • By default, the indicator has 2 lines that go along the chart. If the Aqua line crosses the second Blue color downwards, it is a signal to open a short position;
  • If the Aqua line crosses the second Blue color upwards, it is a signal to open a long position;

That's all trading tactics. The concept is simple.

Indicator Features

  • Does not overload the price chart with a lot of unnecessary lines or signals;
  • Shows extremely accurate buy and sell signals;
  • It is easy to understand and use;
  • Works on all currency pairs;
  • Suitable for use on all timeframes;
  • Suitable for any of your trading strategy.


  • Alerts (Default = true) - enable/disable a sound alert to notify about the intersection of the 2 lines;
  • MA1 (Default = 55) - the number of history bars for the "Blue" line;
  • MA2 (Default = 8) - the number of bars for the "Aqua" line.


  • It works perfectly in strategies combined with Fibonacci lines;
  • It is not recommended to change the "Default" settings. The indicator can show incorrect signals in case of significant changes;
  • Works good in breakout strategies;
  • Do not go too far from the default values, otherwise the indicator will not work properly.

Enjoy your trading!

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