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Megatrend Assistant Mini

Megatrend Assistant Mini is a smaller full-fledged version of Megatrend Assistant.

Unlike the full version, Megatrend Assistant Mini allows working only with seven symbols set in the parameters. You can replace them with any other symbol. All other properties are exactly the same as in Megatrend Assistant.

Megatrend Assistant is the latest development incorporating many years of experience of using the Megatrend Monitor SF 286 indicator.

Megatrend Assistant replaces dozens of monitors, and "scans" the dynamic and static behavior of 28 symbols on 6 timeframes on a single chart.

In addition to the already known features of Megatrend, Megatrend Assistant allows to:

  • Change the number of bars in fractals used for calculations;
  • Use both a formed bar and the current price;
  • Manage the current spread for all specified symbols in real time;
  • Display various colors in the lower consolidation areas, upward (downward) trend and reversal;
  • Drag the area borders by the mouse;
  • Click the button with a symbol name to open its chart with a pre-defined template.

Move the area borders to select optimal position open/close signal levels and choose the most appropriate trading tools to follow your strategy. Specified templates allow you to find the best entry/exit options during trading.

Megatrend Assistant is an indispensable tool in the market analysis, searching for the most active and correlating currency pairs, symbols that are actual allies or opponents at the moment, as well as deciding on opening and closing positions. Megatrend Assistant Mini is your good assistant in mastering this unique application.


  • Working Symbol - list of symbols;
  • TF 1 - TF 6 - list of specified timeframes;
  • TF DisableMode - timeframe windows disabling options:
    • PARTIALLY - partial disabling (only selected windows are disabled);
    • FULLY - full disabling (selected windows and timeframes are not displayed and excluded from the calculation);
  • TF 1 Window Enabled - TF 6 Window Enabled - enable/disable windows with specified timeframes;
  • Fractal Size - fractal size (Williams' Fractal is set by default);
  • InFormedBars - use a formed bar;
  • ЕМА period - smoothing period;
  • Bars count for calculation - number of bats set for calculations;
  • Sig TF Number - number of the window that controls the alerts and signal highlighting;
  • Opportunity Buy Alert - Opportunity Close Sell Alert - enable/disable alerts;
  • Shift Y – distance from the chart's upper border to the histogram blocks;
  • WidthRectinfo - histogram block height;
  • SymbolFontSize - symbol font size;
  • CoeffHeightRectInfo - histogram block height ratio;
  • Button Height Coefficient - symbol button height ratio;
  • Histogram Blocks Vertical Indent - histogram block indent;
  • SubSubColor - color of window dividing lines;
  • BackgroundColor - fill color inside the histogram blocks;
  • ColBGRect - histogram blocks frame line color;
  • ColStrokeRect - histogram blocks fill color;
  • ColUpValue - color of increasing histograms;
  • ColDownValue - color of decreasing histograms;
  • ColAveValue - RR line color;
  • ColSymbolRect - symbol font color;
  • ReversalRiskColor - reversal risk signal color;
  • LineWidth Inside Flat – line width inside the consolidation area;
  • LineWidth Outside Flat - line width after exiting the consolidation area;
  • ColLevelNull - zero level line color;
  • ColLevelTrend1Up - ColLevelTrend2Dn - area border line colors;
  • WidthLevels - area signal border line width;
  • StyleLevels - area line style;
  • Up levels zone color - uptrend area color;
  • Dn levels zone color - downtrend area color;
  • Reversal risk zone color - reversal area color;
  • Messages - messages;
  • Timer period in second - timer period in seconds;
  • ClicOpenTF - opened chart timeframe;
  • ClicOpenTemplate - open chart template.
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Version 1.20 - 2017.07.17
Improved the symbols' color scheme.
Version 1.10 - 2017.06.26
1. Improved the operation of Alerts.
2. Fixed minor bugs.