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Atr Grid Maker

This indicator uses ATR as CORE indicator for GRID operative.

ATR measures intrinsec volatility, and this is why using ATR on a GRID is a good choice, because the distance between orders respect market volatility.


  • ATR_Period: Choose period for ATR indicator.
  • ATR_Factor: Choose multiplier factor for ATR used on GRID.
  • StartPrice: Price to start GRID when touched (optional, if you put 0 on this parameter, then GRIDS will be built on current price after load indicator)
  • LinesAboveNumber: Lines number above start price.
  • LinesBelowNumber: Lines number below start price.
  • LinesColor: Choose GRID lines color.

This product is only an indicator, get PRO version to send orders on every GRID line here:


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