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Pending Trail NINJA

Simply place a manual pending order and let the Pending Trail Ninja follow price action, entering you within the pip distance that you set up.

  • Trail Buy Stops
  • Trail Buy Limit Orders
  • Trail Sell Stop Orders
  • Trail Sell Limit Orders

Input Parameter Options

  • Pending Order: - buystop, buylimit, sellstop, selllimit
  • Pips Distance: set the amount of pips that you want the Pending Trail Ninja to follow the price at
  • Lot Size: not necessary - there for future use
  • Use Trailing: True/False - if you want trailing stop to follow once trade is triggered
  • Trailing Start: set number of pips for trailing stop to start at
  • Trailing Distance: set number of pip for trailing stop to follow by (cannot be 0)
  • Max Open Orders: default is 1
  • Slippage: default is 3
  • Show info to Chart: True/False - Displays Current date and time, acct number, acct leverage, acct balance, acct equity, used margin, acct today profit, Lot size, spread, current profit
  • Info Corner: Left upper corner, right upper corner, left lower corner, right lower corner

NOTE: You MUST set manual pending order BEYOND where you want it to start trailing. Example: So if you want your pending to follow by 20 pips, then place your manual order 50 pips away. It will instantly jump down to within 20 pips of price action.

With your purchase, you get 5 installations for 5 different broker platforms

Usage Scenario:

You get a signal for a Buy Limit order. Price is going down, but it misses your Buy limit and turns in a bullish direction. If you had TRAILED your position down with Pending Trail Ninja Buy Stop order, you would have gotten in the trade when the trend changed bullish.

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