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Best trade in range market.

Opening a Trade

  • Opens Buy and Sell trade if there are no open trades.
  • Attempts to recover losing trades while the gaining trade will take profit.

Closing a Trade

  • Closes a trade if total open profit buy or sell is greater or equal to total open buy lots *(multiply) by profit_multiplier or total open sell lots *(multiply) by profit_multiplier. For example the total buy profit is $10 and you have 0.10 lots and you set 100 as profit_multiplier. $10 is equal to 0.10x100, all buy open trade will be closed. The same example with sell order.


  • Magic Number - Returns an identifying (magic) number of the currently selected order.
  • hour starts from - Hour of the day you want this EA to start trading.
  • mins starts to - Minutes of the day you want this EA to start trading.
  • hour ends to - Hour of the day you want this EA to end trading.
  • mins ends to - minutes of the day you want this EA to end trading.
  • profit_multplier - Sets the closing take profit of your open gaining trade.
  • distance from losing position - This is the recovery attempt position from the losing trade. Distance is set in pips.
  • LotSizing - Risk management. It will compute your trade size.

    For example: if you set 10,000 it will be $10,000:1 lot. If your account balance is $1,000 it will trade the lot size of 0.10, $100 is to 0.01.

  • MaxOpenTrade - Sets the total max open trade.
  • MaxLongTrade - Sets the total max buy open trade.
  • MaxShortTrade - Sets the total max sell open trade.
  • MaxSpread_points - The max distance between ask and bid you allow your order to open.
  • Alerts: Send_email, Audible_alerts, Push_notifications: sends alert if true.

Results may vary from currency you choose and the inputs you set. For more questions and inputs suggestions you can email me at PM.

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