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Price Channel Alert

The price channel is a main tool used by traders for analyzing the current situation on the market. Using it you are able to successfully predict the future price behavior. However a major factor that effects the profit you earn is a decision made on time. Often it appears to be a problem, because it is impossible to look at monitor all the time.

This indicator will allow you to always be aware of the current situation, during a lunch time and at night time. Based on trend lines that you can adjust on your own according to the price tendencies, which you consider important, the indicator analyzes the current price and plays a sound signal in case it goes above or below the specified levels. Also there is a possibility to signal about the price reaching a specified (in percentage) part of the channel. The notifications can also be sent by е-mail.

Input parameters:

  • sound_file_name - audio file name (wave format);
  • duration - audio file duration in seconds (for continuous playing);
  • OffSetX - shift of the control panel (along the X axis);
  • OffSetY - shift of the control panel (along the Y axis);
  • Table_color - color of the control panel;
  • Arrow_color - color of the icons;
  • language - language of the interface.


  1. If you buy this indicator, you can get the same indicator for MetaTrader 4 for free (contact the sellers for details);
  2. It is possible to select English or Russian language for the notifications sent by e-mail.
  3. The indicator has a convenient interface.
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