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This trading robot is designed to trade the US session only.

Note: simply drag and drop only one copy of this EA to only one chart with any currency pair and any time frame. Then the EA will scan all the Majors and all the time frames automatically by itself.

No trades will be opened without Stop Loss & Break Even.

The Break Even will work internally as the EA requires.

The EA trades only the Majors (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD & USDCHF) with correlation between them.

Some of the parameters have removed/hidden to simplify the EA inputs with the user (without affecting on the EA work).


  • Magic Number: The Trades' Magic Number.
  • Lot Type:
    1. Fixed
    2. Auto Lot Size
    3. Advanced Money Management

If Lot Type = Fixed

Then Lot Size = The Fixed Lot Size what ever the account balance is.

If Lot Type = Auto

Then Lot Size will be = Account Balance / calculated amount * calculated lot;

calculated amount is the Amount for Auto Lot

calculated lot is the Auto Lot Size Each Amount you defined to be calculated with the Amount for Auto Lot

Example: You have entered the value of Amount for Auto Lot = 100

& The value of the Auto Lot Size Each Amount Entered as = 0.01

While your current account balance is 900$

Then any placed trade will open 0.09 lot size, as 900/100*0.01

If your account balance is 300$ then the lot size would be 0.03

If Lot Type = Advanced Money Management

the lot size will be calculated as below formula:

Advanced Money Management Lot = Account balance * Risk Management(%) / stop loss pip

  • Fixed Lot Size (Lot Type: Fixed): When selection is Manual mode, this value of the lot size will be same whatever the account balance.
  • Amount (Lot Type: Auto): When you select the Lot Type = Auto, the lot size will be calculated on the entered balance that you entered in the EA inputs.
  • Lot Size Each Amount (Lot Type: Auto): Would be calculated with the Amount you defined in the EA inputs for Auto Lot Size.
  • Percentage (Lot Type: Advanced Money Management): Account balance * Risk Management(%) / stop loss pip
  • Max. Slippage in Points: Maximum Slippage in points.
  • Max. Spread in Points: That will avoid placing any trade(s) if the current spread is higher than the pre-defined value.
  • Trade With Correlation: This feature will allow you to disable (and enable) the correlation between the majors. Disabling it will let the EA work without looking to another pair and it is not recommended.
  • Close All in News: Enabling this option could stop trading (and close all opened trades) in the minutes of news.
  • Stop Before News, Minutes: Time in minutes before the news for the EA to pause operation, for example, 5 minutes before the news release. The EA switches to "News time" mode.
  • Stop After News, Minutes: Time in minutes after the news for the EA to pause operation, for example, 5 minutes after the news release. The EA deactivates the "News time" mode.
  • Broker's GMT Offset: Time zone (GMT) for the broker (not your area).
  • Currency News (empty: only the current currencies): List of selected/written countries, for which the news should be downloaded. If empty, currencies of the current symbol will be called.

It is working with any broker, any pair, any time frame, any Account Type and any condition.

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Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2018.04.09 05:58 

Одни сливы. Не ведитесь на красивые мигающие картинки- это дешевая реклама! Хвалебные отзывы - тоже реклама, не более. Я купил это и запускал несколько раз- ничего кроме потери денег робот не приносит! Плюс ко всему совсем нет реальной поддержки от автора.

angdev99 2018.02.05 23:22   

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

DENYS KOSHCHAVETS 2017.09.14 09:23   

очень хороший продукт

Version 2.44 2020.04.14
- The parameter "Close All in News" has removed as it is useless.
- NZDUSD is added to be in use as a major pair with correlation between all of majors (eurusd, gbpusd, usdjpy, audusd, usdcad, usdchf & nzdusd).
Version 2.42 2018.06.29
- Serious updates on the strategy.
- No Trade(s) will be carried for the next day. EA will close all of them at 23:55.
- Serious bugs have fixed successfully.
- Multi-Currency trading is possible now for all the majors "EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USCCAD & USDCHF" from one chart only. So, no need to attach the EA separately on each pair and each time frame. It will monitor all time frames and all majors by itself.
- Showing Current Date/Time on the back test chart.
- Added Parameter: "Max. Spread in Points" that will avoid placing any trade(s) if the current spread is higher than the predefined value.
- Correlation between the majors is considered now.
- Added Parameter: "Trade With Correlation" that will allow the user to disable (and enable) the Correlation then the EA will work only on one symbol (Majors or not) without looking to the remaining symbols. It is not recommended to disable this feature.
- Break Even Stop parameters have removed/hidden and they will be called internally by the EA.
- Some of the "NEWS Filter" parameters have removed/hidden (without affecting on the filter work).