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London Break Out

The London trading session is the biggest Forex market mover...

How it works

Simply, it is working only in the London session, after the break out happened with a predefined pips distance. So, if the Asian session candles higher high or lower low has breaked out then an entry should be placed.

Then, before the New York opens all the opened trades by this EA will be closed if it is not touched the SL/TP.

If you are searching for a London Break Out trading robot then it is your best choice.

No need to hire a developer on freelance and struggle to modify and correct the bugs ... just Relax and download it for free here or buy/rent the full version.

EA Parameters

  1. Magic Number: The Trades' Magic Number.
  2. Lot Type: Selection of two options: Auto or Manual Lot Size.
  3. Amount for AUTO Lot: When you select the Lot Type = Auto, the lot size will be calculated on the entered balance that you entered in the EA inputs.
  4. Auto Lot Size Each Amount: Would be calculated with the Amount you defined in the EA inputs for Auto Lot Size.
  5. If Lot Type = Auto:

    Then Lot Size will be = Account Balance / calculated amount * calculated lot;

    calculated amount is the Amount for Auto Lot

    calculated lot is the Auto Lot Size Each Amount you defined to be calculated with the Amount for Auto Lot

    Example: You have entered the value of Amount for Auto Lot = 100

    & The value of the Auto Lot Size Each Amount Entered as = 0.01

    While your current account balance is 900$

    Then any placed trade will open 0.09 lot size, as 900/100*0.01

    If your account balance is 300$ then the lot size would be 0.03

    If Lot Type = Manual

    Then Lot Size = The Fixed Lot Size what ever the account balance is.

  6. Fixed Lot Size: when selection is Manual mode, this value of the lot size will be same whatever the account balance.
  7. Slippage: Maximum Slippage in points.
  8. Stop Loss (0 = Disable): Value is in Pips.
  9. Take Profit (0 = Disable): Value is in Pips.
  10. Distance in pips: The pips distance from above or below the Support/Resistant zone to place order.
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