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Breakeven Price Plus

Break-even Price indicator Shows:

  • Break even price tag for multiple positions on chart
  • Level for custom Profit/Loss Percentage of Balance, and Amount in Deposit Currency
  • Works for a specific Magic Number trades or all trades on chart
  • Calculation includes Commissions and Swaps


  • Magic Number: Enter Magic Number or leave it at default (-1) for all trades on chart
  • Show Profit/Loss Levels: Show/Hide level for Profit Amount and Percentage, very useful to set TP/SL
  • Level Amount (in Deposit Currency): Profit/Loss Amount at where to show level labels, If Amout set to 0, Percentage will be used
  • Level Percentage (of Account Balance): Profit/Loss Percentage at where to show level labels
  • Price Color : Color of Break-even Price
  • Profit Color: Color of Profit Level Label
  • Loss Color : Color of Loss Level Label
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