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HC Magic Signal

HC Magic signal, indicator that can be used at any time interval and on any currency pair. Available for all couples. Can be used in all time zones.

The indicator is not repainted. It is very easy to use and does not require any adjustments. When the indicator finds the signal with its own algorithm, it draws the signal lines. Warns the user with the alert feature.

Trade rules

  • Open the buy transaction when a blue scratch appears on the indicator table 
  • Open a sell line when a red line appears on the indicator chart
  • The stoploss level should be placed at the top of the blue line of the buy line.
  • The stoploss level for the sell should be placed at the top of the red line.
  • To get out of the transaction, stoploss take profit or a new reverse signal should appear.


  • AlertOn - you will be notified when this feature is correct.
  • Email - sends your email address when you make this feature true.

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