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Less Lag MACD

If you use moving averages you always have the problem they are lagging. Since MACD is calculated from 2 moving averages you also face there the lagging problem. This indicator uses moving averages a.k.a MA3.0 to reduce the lag significant. The result is an indicator that is much more responsive to price changes and gives signals much quicker.

Another feature is the multi timeframe feature. So you can use this indicator on lower timeframes and let show it the real values of a higher timeframe correctly without switching. During the correct calculation you don't face the common problems of other multi timeframe indicators like repainting or peeking into future when using it on historic data. So this indicator is the perfect tool to develop or test strategies which takes higher timeframes into account.

MACD Parameters:

  • macddma_FastMAPeriod,macddma_SlowMAPeriod,macddma_SignalMAPeriod - the "normal" moving average periods needed for MACD calculation
  • macddma_MAMethod - method of the moving average calculation for all 3 moving averages
  • macddma_MAPrice - underlying methode of price calculation for fast and slow moving averages
  • macddmaTimeframe - time frame of calculation (default is current timeframe of the chart) - you can choose any higher timeframe to have an direct overview how MACD is or was on that given timeframe

Object Parameters:

  • objNamePrefix - prefix is used for naming the graphical objects (this parameters can changed if the graphical objects of this or other indicators are getting the same name and messing up the chart)

Look Parameters:

  • upAccColor - color of the histogram when MACD is above 0 and accelerating
  • upDecColor - color of the histogram when MACD is above 0 and decelerating
  • zeroColor - color of the histogram when MACD is exactly 0
  • downAccColor - color of the histogram when MACD is below 0 and accelerating
  • downDecColor - color of the histogram when MACD is above 0 and decelerating
  • histogramAlpha - it changes the opaqueness of the histogram
  • signalLineColor - color of the signal line
  • signalLineAlpha - opaqueness of the signal line
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