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HP Harami Cross Indicator

HP Harami CROSS Indicator: It is a useful tool for a trader who works on candle patterns.

  • It is a trend indicated by a large candlestick followed by a doji that is located within the top and bottom of the candlestick's body.
  • It is a significant indicator of trend reversal, particularly when it occurs after a long body in a downtrend. It is the same as the Harami, except that the second candle is a Doji.
  • Harami Cross pattern gives you an idea about market movement in the last two candles/bars and based on the pattern indicator, a trader can speculate the market scenario for the current day and take trading decisions.


  • This is a simple to use indicator in which the Harami CROSS pattern is detected and plotted on the chart.
  • The indicator also displays bull and bear candles on chart along with harami patterns
  • It can be attached to all symbols.
  • It can be attached on all timeframes.
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