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BinaryManagerPA is the indicator for binary options based on an analysis of the PriceAction setups using complex filters.

The main advantage of the indicator is that it estimates the current state of the market in advance using several times of expirations. As a result, you will see WinRate for pointed timeframe and сurrency pair for each duration. Besides, for each signal, the indicator displays percent of winrate and recommended expiration time.

Why is this necessary?

You can choose the best сurrency pair and timeframe before using the indicator for real trading (using WinRate statistics).

The indicator automatically updates values of WinRate in the proccess of working. For winrate analysing, it uses last candles from history, the count of which you can set in the settings (param "Max limint winrate calculation"). The indicator recalculates statistics for each new signal and for several time of expirations (params "Expiration bars (case 1, case 2, case 3)" in the settings).

The indicator is able to notify about new signals via PUSH notifications to your mobile phone or tablet, and using alert messages to MetaTrader 4 terminal (you can turn it on in the settings).


  • Expiration bars (case 1, case 2 and case 3) - Count of candles for expiration, it uses for calculation the result and probability of each expiration case (max 3);
  • Max limint winrate calculation - count of analysis candles from history for evaluation the state of the market;
  • Interval for visual point - arrow offset interval under/above signal candle;
  • Offset for upper text of candle - offset for upper text of signal candle with percent of profitable deals;
  • Signal alert - on/off notification ALERT in MetaTrader 4 terminal;
  • Signal push - on/off PUSH notifications in a mobile phone;
  • Allow trading time - allow trading time when you will get the signals from the indicator;
  • Bind text to right corner - display text of statistic in right or left corner of the window;
  • Color of corner text - color of corner information text of the indicator;
  • Color of text above arrow - color of information text above a candle (bear signal);
  • Color of text under arrow - color of information text under a candle (bull signal).
2017.04.01 18:46 

Looks good.

Version 2.0 - 2017.05.04
+ Improved signal filter
+ Added information on the probability of a signal using different expirations (the number of candles for each expiration can be set in settings)
+ For each signal, information about the recommended expiration time and probability of the signal success is set to each candle
+ Added additional settings, which allow configuring a convenient display for the indicator information
+ Fixed error related to repeated triggering of a signal and repeated sending of notifications