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BinaryManagerPA is an indicator for binary options based on the analysis of the Price Action and indicator setups using complex filters.

The main advantage of the indicator is that it estimates the current state of the market in advance with using several expiration times. As a result, the indicator generates the statistics on the percentage of successful trades (WinRate) for the selected instrument and timeframe. In addition, the indicator displays the win rate and the recommended expiration for each signal.

Why is this necessary?

Before you start using the indicator, you have the ability to select the optimal currency pair and timeframe, where the indicator shows the best results for the current market conditions. To do this, simply attach the indicator to the chart and evaluate the displayed statistics.

The indicator analyzes the current market situation based on the last price in history, the depth of which is adjusted in the "Number of candles from history for calc %WinRate" parameter. The statistics are fully recalculated with each new signal on three types of expiration. The values adjusted by the "[1/2/3 case] Number of expiration candles" parameters, while the "outdated signals" are no longer taken into account. Thus, the indicator always displays the actual data on win rate for the next signal.

The indicator is able to inform users about new signal using push notifications to mobile devices, as well as standard Alert messages with audio signals in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. For notifications, enable the corresponding notification type in the indicator settings.

Indicator parameters

  • [1/2/3 case] Number of expiration candles - the number of expiration candles to calculate the result and win rate for each signal of the indicator.
  • Number of candles from history for calc %WinRate - the number of candles in history to analyze and calculate the results.
  • Signal_1 (based on PA) - enable/disable the detection of signals based on Price Action.
  • Confirm Signal_1 - enable/disable the confirmation of Signal_1.
  • Signal_2 (based on Indicators) - enable/disable the detection of signals based on indicators.
  • Confirm Signal_2 - enable/disable the confirmation of Signal_2.
  • Interval of display arrow near signal - offset for the CALL/PUT from the candle to place an arrow when a signal appears.
  • Offset for text near arrow - offset of the win rate percentage text from the candle (related to the previous parameter).
  • Signal alert - enable/disable alerts about signal occurrence in the MetaTrader terminal.
  • Signal push - enable/disable notification about signal occurrence using push notifications to mobile devices.
  • Allow trading time - set the time when the indicator is allowed to send signals.
  • Bind text corner - corner to display the statistics text in the indicator window (right or left).
  • Color for corner text - color of the indicator information text in the corner.
  • Color for text above signal arrow - color of information text above the candle (bearish signal).
  • Color for text under signal arrow - color of information text below the candle (bullish signal).
Aravind 2017.04.01 18:46 

Looks good.

Version 3.0 2017.11.06
+ Improved the current algorithm based on PriceAction (Signal_1)
+ Added the new algorithm for determining signals based on indicators (Signal_2)
+ Added the ability to enable/disable both signals in the settings
+ Added the ability to enable/disable confirmation of each signal in the settings
+ Fixed errors concerning incorrect display of the indicator elements on the chart
+ Optimized the indicator functions' operation to accelerate the indicator
Version 2.0 2017.05.04
+ Improved signal filter
+ Added information on the probability of a signal using different expirations (the number of candles for each expiration can be set in settings)
+ For each signal, information about the recommended expiration time and probability of the signal success is set to each candle
+ Added additional settings, which allow configuring a convenient display for the indicator information
+ Fixed error related to repeated triggering of a signal and repeated sending of notifications