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PH Double Percent Bollinger Bands

Following the same principle of the Double Smoothed Stochastic (Walter Bressert), here is : DSBB the Double Smoothed Bollinger Bands.

First we calculate the percentage Bollinger Bands smoothed by exponential average ( blue line oscillator).

Secondly we calculate the percentage of percentage Bollinger Bands smoothed by an exponential average (red line oscillator).


  • Smooth EMA Period: We choose the smoothing exponential average period.
  • Price: We choose the price of the Bollinger Bands average.
  • Bol Bands Period: We choose the period of the average of Bollinger Bands.
  • Deviation: We choose the deviation of Bollinger Bands.

Calculation Percent Bollinger bands:

  • %BollingerBands = 100 x (Price-Lower Band) / (Upper Band - Lower Band)

Please, never trade without Stop Loss. The best way is to test this indicator before spending money.


91639307 2017.06.22 00:19 

Very good indicator !!!