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Forced Murrey Math

Murray levels are popular among traders. You can easily find indicators for drawing the levels on the internet. The main difference and advantage of the Forced Murrey Math indicator is the execution speed. This makes it perhaps the best choice for use in Expert Advisors that require thorough testing and optimization on a long history of quotes. Also the indicator draws history, so it will be very useful for visual analysis of interaction of price with the Murray levels in the past.

The method of level calculation is similar to that used in the classic MMLevls_VG indicator. The only parameter sets the period of calculation in bars. The values of the levels are in the indicator buffers, i.e. they are accessed from Expert Advisors in the standard way. However, as MetaTrader 4 allows only 8 indicator buffers, and the total number of the Murray levels is thirteen, only even levels are calculated. This is not a problem when used in EAs: as the intervals between the Murray levels are equal, missed levels can be easily calculated. This simplification does not affect the quality of visual analysis.

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Version 1.1 2015.06.30
Added protection against division by zero in case of a zero period range.