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Trader Helper Pro

Hello, dear traders. I present you the Trader Helper Pro Expert Advisor, designed for traders who primarily work based on chart analysis and also for those who would like to significantly facilitate the process of trading, from the market entry, deal maintenance and exit.

It is suitable for both novices and professionals because of its simplicity and minimalism, while at the same time it includes powerful tools.

More than 12 months of development, almost all components have been designed from the scratch, and some were recoded to match our high demands. Beautiful and easy to use interface, animation and interactive notifications, which brought the opportunity to leave only the necessary tools in the main window. The program has been created without the use of DLL, which makes the program completely secure for you and your personal data.

At the same time, Trader Helper Pro does not consume system resources, it is well optimized and debugged for productive operation.

Key Features

  • Easy to use graphical money management.
  • Binding of pending orders to lines or channels in a few clicks.
  • Binding of partial closures or breakeven to the lines or channels in a few clicks.
  • Binding of Take Profit or Stop Loss to the line or channel.
  • A very simple modification of binded orders or operations.
  • Maintaining orders according to your plan.
  • Notifications to a mobile device when the price approaches important operations.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Beautiful and functional design with animation and correct components grouping.
  • Completely safe, does not contain DLL.
  • Do not load the system.

Trader Helper is a product that has been created for raising the trading process to a new level. More comfortable, more beautiful, brings more pleasure from its operation. It has been created by traders for traders, by purchasing it you are making an investment in products which are much better in design, features and ease than those that exist today.‌

Each function, each click has been re-invented to please you and have insurance for you as a trader that you do not miss the opportunity to enter the market and take the profits, even at night. And exit the market with the maximum profit or minimum loss.

And most importantly, it saves your precious time, instead of sitting at the computer and looking at the terminal, Trader Helper will do that for you. And you go on with your business, you will receive a mobile notification when you need to go to the computer.

Input parameters

  • D‌isable animation - disable all the animation in program
  • Notification on phone - enable notifications to mobile devices
  • Notification 1 when distance to operation is 200 - first notification when distance from price to operation is less than 200 pips
  • Notification 2 when distance to operation is 50 - second notification when distance from price to operation is less than 50 pips
  • Notification 3 when distance to operation is 0 - third notification when distance from price to operation is less than 0 pips, that is, the operation was executed
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