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Full Market Analysis Multi Pair And MTF

This indicator has been created by a former hedge-fund employee and allows you to quickly and easily monitor the entire Forex market.

  • See the screenshots below for further details and contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help.
  • Also make sure to watch our short video. As it includes the top-10 hedge-fund trading rules, that every trader should know.


  • Easily keep track of all 28 pairs on one screen.
  • Quickly analyze every time-frame, from 1-Min to Monthly.
  • Pre-loaded with six popular indicators, with fully-adjustable settings.
  • Real-time sorting from strongest to weakest.
  • Easily identify critical levels and potential extremes.

Indicator Parameters

  • Use Indicator: Select from RSI, MACD, Stochastics, ADX, ATR or Bollinger Bandwidth.
  • Digits: For pin-point accuracy, you can select how many decimals appear in your readings.
  • Critical Upper Level: Values over this level will be displayed in red.
  • Critical Lower Level: Values under this level will be displayed in green.
  • Symbol Set: The indicator monitors all 28 pairs by default. But you can specify as few (or as many) as you want.
  • K Period: Stochastic setting
  • D Period: Stochastic setting
  • Slowing: Stochastic setting
  • MA Method: Method for calculating the MA in Stochastic. 0 = Simple MA, 1 = Exponential MA, 2 = Smoothed MA, 3 = Linear-Weighted MA
  • Period RSI: Setting for RSI
  • Period ADX: Setting for ADX
  • Periodband: Setting for Bollinger Bandwidth
  • Deviation: Setting for Bollinger Bandwidth
  • Bands Shift: Setting for Bollinger Bandwidth
  • Applied Price: Price-setting for indicator calculations. 0 = On Price Close, 1 = On Price Open, 2 = On Price High, 3 = Price Low, 4 = Median, 5 = Typical, 6 = Weighted
  • Period ATR: Setting for ATR
  • Fast EMA period: Setting for MACD
  • Slow EMA period: Setting for MACD
  • Signal period: Setting for MACD
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