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Manual Trade MA

Manual Trade MA is used for manual trading.

The program is managed with the help of the control panel, which includes:

  • Moving Average period;
  • values of the Moving Average indicator (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, D1);
  • buttons to buy and sell at the current price;
  • the number of lots;
  • Stop Loss;
  • Take Profit;
  • buttons to close orders at the current price;
  • information about the number of open orders and their current profit/loss;

The Expert Advisor can be used on different currency pairs and on different time frames.

Specifics of the program usage

If you use stop orders in your trading, an if the entered Stop Loss and Take Profit values are less than the minimum allowed by the broker, the program will automatically set the stop order at the minimum allowed distance.

If you do not use stop orders, enter 0 in the fields. The stop orders can be used both together and separately.

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