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Rise or fall volume demo

The indicator is a demo version Rise or fall volume. This works the same, but can only be used on EURUSD.


A trader can not always find whether the last closed bar was bullish or bearish in terms of volume. The indicator analyzes all minute volumes within this bar and can more accurately predict the behavior of large market players. Recommended timeframes are from H1 to daily. The indicator calculates the volume values from the 1-minute timeframe, therefore, it is necessary to have a lot of history data for the M1 timeframe.

The methods for determining buy or sell volumes can be adjusted in the EA parameters. It is also possible to set the minimum volume in order to display the Buy or Sell arrows.

Input parameters

  • History - amount of history data for displaying the indicator values (if there is insufficient data on the M1 chart, the amount of history will be decreased);
  • SmoothingPeriod - number of bars for smoothing the signal (the higher the value, the more bars will be involved in calculation);
  • DeterminationMethod - method for determining trend when calculating volume;
  • Parameter1 - the first parameter for determining the trend (only integers, recommended from 1 to 100), for some methods not required;
  • Parameter2 - the second parameter for determining the trend (recommended from 0.5 to 50), for some methods not required;
  • ShowLines - show lines of Buy and Sell volumes;
  • ShowInfo - show text information about calculated volumes;
  • MinVolumeDifference - the minimum distance between the Buy volume and Sell volume (to display signal - arrow on the indicator);
  • MinSummVolumes - the minimum amount of all volumes calculated for the selected period to display signal.

The full version can be purchased here:


Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.07.10 22:54 

Not so useful...