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Multi Currency Trend Strength Indicator Price

Are you tired of having many open charts and watching many different currency pairs? M‌CTSIP will monitor the strengths of 30 currency pairs and show you the best pairs to trade, no more guessing which currency is stronger / weaker, no more trading a pair that is not moving positively.

You may have many charts open trying to determine the best currency pair to trade on may timeframes, ‌M‌CTSIP can monitor currency strengths on a different timeframe to the current timeframe.

This is a essential tool in manual trading and gives the trader a advantage knowing how strong a currency really is.

  • MCTSIP monitors the strengths of the following currencies : EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, AUD and NZD.
  • Each currency's movement is measured against 7 other currencies to determine the strength.
  • This is shown in the indicator window for each currency, and will show the strongest to weakest currency.

The sensitivity can be adjusted by changing the MA values to make the indicator more or less sensitive to currency movements, and so customized to the time frame you are trading on.

Note: the indicator may not show correctly in the strategy tester, as it has to process large amounts of history data for each pair.


This indicator shows multiple individual currencies strengths as measured against all the other currencies. It measures the price movements of the applied chart currency pair comparing the base and counter currency occurring in all the other base / counter currencies and shows the strength movements. The rate of change or rate of change strength is shown and can be adjusted for sensitivity by the Moving Average numbers.


  • Monitor EUR USD GBP JPY AUD NZD (CAD and CHF coming soon).
  • Individual currency strengths data.
  • Current best high /low currency pair with movement arrow.
  • Applied chart movement arrows, no redraw.
  • Alerting capability.

Inputs (default)

  • fast_ma = 5: fast Moving Average, always setting this input lower than [slow ] input.
  • slow_ma = 13: slow Moving Average, always setting this input higher than [fast] input.
  • timeframe = current: timeframe, 0 (current) will use the chart timeframe.
  • width = 3: size of the chart pairs highlighted lines, setting this to 0 will remove the highlighted lines (all lines will be same size).
  • font_size = 12: size of the chart pairs index currency, setting this to 0 (zero) will make all the index text the same size.
  • type = line: choose line or histogram.
  • current_only = true: true will only show 2 lines for active chart; false will show all lines for all currencies. if current_only set to: false - this setting does not work with histogram. To show histogram make sure to select:
    • current_only: true,
    • type: histogram
  • Alerts = true: if set to true, this will send a alert only to the trading terminal if the current chart strength has changed up/down.
  • highest_lowest_alert = true: if set to true, this will send a alert only to the trading terminal if the highest and lowest currencies have changed.
  • bars = 500: the amount of bars the indicator will process and show. Note: setting this input to 0 (zero) will process ALL the bars in the chart and can take a long time due to the amount of data to process.
  • suffix: if broker uses suffix: example XXXXXXpro.
Aravind 2017.05.06 19:10 

Works fine but just like MA the signals lag i.e. by the time a signal is given most of the movement is done.

Version 2.2 2017.05.03
new features added:ver 2.2

- type: histogram or line
- current_only: true /false
true: will show only 2 lines for currency pair
false: will show all lines for all currency pairs
this setting does not work with histogram
to show histogram make sure to select:
current_only: true
type: histogram
Version 2.1 2017.04.21
1. Added CAD and CHF currencies
now all the major pairs are monitored: EUR USD JPY AUD NZD CAD CHF
Now a total of 42 currency pairs strengths can be seen from one chart

2. Added the option for a suffix on currency pairs
Some brokers use a suffix , example EURUSDpro , 'pro' is the suffix
if no data is displayed a Alert warning will display.
3. Optimized code to increase speed of execution . indicator will respond faster.