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Impact Expert

Impact Expert is a scalping expert advisor that targets big price movements and price breakouts to make profit.


Impact Expert’s strategy is based on high volatility market impacts and it places orders consecutively one at a time during a price breakout. Instead of market orders, the system prefers pending orders since they provide faster transactions and a chance to delete the order before it is activated. Also, its one of the most important aims is to keep the balance safe, and a key factor this is to set a stop loss value, so entering a valid stop loss value is compulsory for Impact Expert. The system will be inactive if stop loss is entered invalid, i.e. zero or negative. It also sets a trailing stop value by default. On the other hand, advanced risk management provides optimized margin usage for an order, adjusted to take into considering market conditions in present. There are three discrete margin usage modes; high, intermediate and low. Analysis on backtest results yield that less than just ~8% of all trades are made in high risk mode.

Impact Expert uses various filters for handling volatility, when to place orders and how to treat them. Thanks to these filters, overall risk and the effects of slippage, gap, etc. are reduced.

Points to Consider

There are two crucial points to consider: slippage and spread. Excessive values of these two parameters may become harmful for the system. I highly recommend users to prefer ECN account type and a Virtual Private Server. In addition, classic constant spread account types are also appropriate, provided that the ping value is less than ~20 ms. Please note that a standard STP account with dynamic spread may become disadvantageous due to excessive spread values at huge price movements.

Backtests are completed with %99.90 modeling quality and for various cases such as, volatile and calm market, during news etc. Impact Expert works best at EURUSD on 1min timeframe.


All variables are optimized, but following 13 parameters are must-check at beginning.

  • UseRM Allow risk management
  • Lots Static lots, used if risk management is off
  • MinLots Minimum lots for an order
  • MaxLots Maximum lots for an order
  • MarginHigh Margin percentage to use in high risk mode
  • MarginInt Average risk, or second of the three risk modes
  • MarginLow Margin percentage to use in low risk mode
  • StopLoss Stop loss value as pips
  • TakeProfit Take profit value as pips
  • TrailingStop Trailing stop as pips
  • MaxSpCo Maximum allowed sum of spread and commissions
  • Slippage Maximum allowed slippage
  • MagicNumber Magic number of orders

At below list, variables are ready to go but should be checked.

  • TrueLimit Main limit as pips, an order will be placed if exceeded
  • TrailingLimit Trailing distance of pending order, order open price will be modified in every new tick
  • PendingDistance Target distance of initial pending order
  • Central_Mode Turn on/off the Central_Mode filter, if true than conditions get stricter
  • Consecutive Consecutive trade results to check
  • Expiration Expiration in seconds to delete a pending order
  • PipsLimit Target limit as pips, to consider an order as profitable
  • TickRatePeriod Period of the indicator TickRate, shows present market volatility
  • TickRateLimit Limit of the TickRate indicator, between 50 and 100

Please e-mail me for any further assistance, and I also provide a detailed user's manual and optional parameter sets.

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