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The Grid Inside

The Grid Inside works on a counter trend mode, automatically opens a new order when it hits the price target due to the Fibonacci levels at 23.6 and 73.6.

If the price goes the wrong way it opens another order with a calculated lot and position.

All the positions are closed when it reaches the target profit defined on settings.

As TGI does not use stop loss, I don't recommend you put on your account more than you can afford to lose, the higher the timeframe safer it gets.

Once an order is triggered the EA works its best to close on profit, you can adjust your target due to the margin level with the marginTarget parameter.

You can set the margin limit when to close at the margin profit target to close all orders.

I recommend use a VPS, and H1 timeframe with a pipStep around 40 or higher, the best amount to begin is 1200 USD or higher for each minimum lot of 0.01.

Choose any currency with lower spred, about 15 maximum.

Input parameters

  • useMM - relative to your deposit load, it multiplies the initial lot according to the amount of your account.
  • fixedLot - the lot will be fixed at this value.
  • moneyTarget - the exact number of points reached to close all the trades, works like a virtual take profit.
  • depositLoad - to use with useMM, means 1 deposit load for each initial lot value (eg. for 2000 -> initial lot 0.01, 4000 -> initial lot 0.02).
  • maxMarginLimit - determine the limit of margin to use the moneyTarget, if it gets to risky it closes with a marginTarget.
  • marginTarget - like moneyTarget it closes with a value you define here.
  • cciPeriod - number of bars to be used in the CCI indicator.
  • cciPrevious - last bar to compare with the current value in the CCI indicator.
  • cciHighLowLevel - set the high and low levels to be considered in the CCI indicator.
  • displayInfo - if you want the info to be displayed.
  • buyAndSell - if you want to buy and sell simultaneously.
  • lotFactor - the multiplying factor of your lots of next trade.
  • pipStep - the minimum distance needed to move the new price target.
  • pipStepExpo - exponent that you multiply the minimum distance for a new price target.
  • targetThreshold - the minimum distance up or down the last price.
  • minChannelHeight - the minimum distance for the highest and lowest level prices to begin the trade.
  • maxChannelHeight - the maximum distance for the highest and lowest level prices for opening a new trade.
  • channelBars - the numbers of bars needed to calculate the highest and lowest price of the candles.
  • uniqueSymbol - if you want to operate just one symbol per time, if false it makes no restriction to operate simultaneously with other pairs.
  • initHour - the hour to begin trades (GMT).
  • endHour - the hour to end trades (GMT).
  • Monday - if you want to trade on Mondays.
  • Tuesday - if you want to trade on Tuesdays.
  • Wednesday - if you want to trade on Wednesdays.
  • Thursday - if you want to trade on Thursdays.
  • Friday - if you want to trade on Fridays.
Serafin Perez
2017.05.23 15:53 

Estoy usandolo desde que salió y me gusta mucho este EA. Tienen un beneficio muy pequeño pero constante y en el tiempo se traduce en ganancias continuas. El autor está en contacto permanente con el cliente. Es una buena inversión a largo plazo.

Version 1.5 - 2017.06.19
Fixed magic Number bug - The Take profit was working only with one magic number.
Version 1.4 - 2017.06.14
- little fix on checking number of opened orders by magic number.
- Included take profit.
Version 1.2 - 2017.05.15
removed stopout parameter
included CCI indicator to open new trades
included pipstepExpo so to increase the distance to open new orders.
adjusted graphic display rectangle
Version 1.1 - 2017.04.24
Fixed errors
Improved data displaying
Added checks for history