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RPS (ReversPointStiven) indicator is based on ZigZagPointer and OscillatorJordan indicators. When the oscillator readings change near the extreme point, a signal in the form of an arrow appears on the chart. This allows you to avoid false signals and define market entry/exit points more accurately. Sometimes, the indicator generates signals without displaying an arrow. Such signals forecast the continuation of a trend.

The indicator features alert and push notifications.


  • TimeFrame - working timeframe. You can set a higher timeframe than the current one. In that case, the signals are more rare but more accurate.
  • Periods - oscillator period. The lesser the value, the faster the indicator reacts to changes.
  • ExtDepth - zigzag indicator settings. This is the lowest number of points between the extreme points (Highs and Lows) of two adjacent candles for forming a local bottom or top (in %).
  • ExtDeviation - zigzag indicator settings. Define the interval or number of candles afyer a previous indicator's extreme point, at which no search for a new extreme point is performed.
  • ExtBackstep - zigzag indicator settings. This is the minimum value of the number of candles between all local extreme points (Highs or Lows).
  • ShowAlert - enable alerts (yes/no).
  • SendPush - send notifications (yes/no).
  • SendMailInfo - send email alerts (yes/no).
rainwalker123 2018.02.04 13:05 

Amazing Indicator!!!

It slow down my computer. But, I dont care about it, when the indicator is working great. The greatest Problem I am suffering is, how or when to exit a trade.I did only a few trades and all are in Profit. Only you need is patience and a small leverage thats all.

Frank Vang
Frank Vang 2018.01.31 02:10 

Heavy loading slows down the systems need a powerful machine to run this indicator.

Nguyen Trung Tuan
Nguyen Trung Tuan 2017.05.12 11:26 

Very good indicator !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jinhee Lee
jinhee Lee 2017.03.17 01:35 

I rented this indicator. Still testing. It seems to have great potential. The author is very responsive and supportive. I think it'd be very good for my trading style. I'll update this review after a month.

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