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Midnight EA

Midnight EA is an advanced system based on Price Action technique in order to identify current market situation and predict future price movement. It does not use anything else than pure price action. It does not use martingale, grid, hedging, scalping and other risky techniques.

The EA works late in the evening (before midnight GMT) on M30. It closes orders after several minutes to 2-3 hours. Sometimes, it may take longer, but mostly in the morning all orders are closed.

The EA works with all pairs, but I recommend using max. 16, which I've selected in many optimizations and tests and which proved to be the best. These pairs are also selectable in the properties under the parameter "Selected_Symbol". If the symbols provided by your broker are without prefixes and suffixes, you can leave "Selected_Symbol" set to "Automatic" - the EA will automatically detect your currency pair and use the predefined settings which are hardcoded in the EA. If your symbols have prefixes or suffixes, you should choose pairs from "Selected_Symbol" corresponding to your symbols. To trade pairs not from the list, just set it to "Automatic".

Portfolio with 16 pairs tested since the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2016 made ~50.000 trades. With spread set to 20 and fixed size of an order, it gives the average winning ratio at around 95% with Profit Factor above 3 and Drawdown below 3% (for order size equal to 0.2 lot for 1000$ initial deposit for each pair - proportionally will be for 0.01 lot and 50$ deposit/pair).

With less initial capital (or for other reasons), you can start trading with the best 7 pairs, which are: GBPCAD, CADCHF, GBPCHF, EURCAD, EURCHF, USDCHF, AUDCAD. For them, winning ratio is over 97% and Profit Factor over 4. Starting from lot=0.01, you will not need more than 150-200$ balance, the drawdown should not be > than 5%.

Correlation between 16 pairs is low. It means there is high diversification leading to low drawdown.

Midnight EA is equipped with an algorithm that prevents a loss of more than 30-45 pips for each pair and it depends i.a. on the spread. The algorithm protects us also before closing an order with a loss on the Stop Loss when the spread explodes into huge value for a seconds, etc. It is just a dynamic Stop Loss, which is not visible for a broker and is resistant to spread manipulation by a broker. Take Profit is also dynamic and hidden - dependent on market conditions.


  • Selected Symbol - default=Automatic (select a pair if your symbols have prefixes or suffixes),
  • Magic Number - default=55555 (different than your other EAs),
  • Max Slippage - default=1,
  • Max Spread To Trade - default=25 (between 20 and 30 is ok),
  • GMT Offset For Testing - default=0 (set according to your broker's or ticks' offset),
  • Alerts - default=False (can be set to True or False),
  • Notifications - default=True (-||-),
  • Emails - default=False (-||-),
  • Auto Lots - default=False (False for fixed value, True for automatic lot),
  • Lots To Balance Factor - default=10 (see in description below),
  • Trade Size In Lots - default=0.01 (-||-),
  • Holiday Break: from Start In December (default 20th) till End In January (default 8th).


  1. "Auto_Lots"=False: the EA trades fixed lot specified in "Trade_Size_in_Lots",
  2. "Auto_Lots"=True: the EA trades automatic lot dependent on "Lots_To_Balance_Factor" - Factor = 1 means the EA will trade 0.01 lot for each 1000 units of balance (e.g. Factor set to 10 = 0.10 lot if your balance = 1000 USD/EUR/.. If your balance will grow to 1500 USD/EUR/.. order = 0.15 lot).

Remember, no one except yourself is responsible for any investment decision made by you. No one can guarantee that strategies and systems that bring profit now, will do the same in the future.

Good luck!

Noel Nobleza
Noel Nobleza 2017.08.05 23:00 

Lost all my profits a Big losses. Bad Ea.

Aravind 2017.05.22 07:59 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

AKAMANT 2017.05.11 17:47 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Hennie pelgrim
Hennie pelgrim 2017.05.11 04:49 

One off the worst EA ever!!!

jkshop 2017.04.22 21:24 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Memon 2017.04.21 05:42 

Needs lot of improvement. News filtering. Better stop loss and to cover losses

Author not providing update anymore ?

Martin Braun
Martin Braun 2017.04.13 16:50 

You don't believe in your own creation and stopped working on it?

Dee Lew
Dee Lew 2017.03.20 04:56 

what just happened?????? one day high flying..next day ???

Bogdan Yarotskiy
Bogdan Yarotskiy 2017.03.15 20:51 

Тестирую версию 2.4. посмотрим что она покажет.

Figg 2017.03.07 22:37 

Needs some important update.

MaxPips Max
MaxPips Max 2017.03.07 17:42 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Weiyi Liu
Weiyi Liu 2017.03.04 01:50 

Big losses and tiny profits. The tick tests doesn't match the live accounts. Dispointed.

Valeriy Belozertsev
Valeriy Belozertsev 2017.03.02 11:43 

Начинали за здравие, закончили за упокой.

Посмотрим на новую версию, может что-то изменится.

nightwolf65 2017.03.02 08:30 

Big losses and small profits !

Chang Chee Kien
Chang Chee Kien 2017.03.02 04:20 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Edward Febbraio
Edward Febbraio 2017.03.01 21:34 

The RR ratio is one of the worst I've ever seen. Stay far away from this one if you value your money.

Mestor 2017.03.01 19:29 

Malisimo, pequeños beneficios y grandes perdidas... no es rentable ni haciendo un BackTest

Por ahora lo he parado a la espera de una nueva versión.

Trung Long Dien
Trung Long Dien 2017.02.28 22:34 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Samuel Huang
Samuel Huang 2017.02.28 17:23 

On Pepperstone Razor with vps around 3-5ms, lost around 4-5 trades since last week, each trade ranging -32 to -46 pips, arnd 600 USD down from 5000 USD account.

Removing the EA for now.

Hoping for new version and signal soon.

Boris Sedlar
Boris Sedlar 2017.02.28 01:03 

very bad, every day lose, if new version will be better, then i will change review

gerardus 2017.02.27 19:55 

Lost money for the thrid week on a real Darwniex account. Not much, 40 € on a 600 €. But I am scared for a big loss. Average winning trade 1.20€ average loosing trade 22.40 €. Turning AUD and NZD off for news moments didn't helped. In the backtest the EA is was also not turned off with news moments...

Dorota GOLIK
Dorota GOLIK 2017.02.27 19:55 

petit gain .... grosses pertes ....

Spiros Galiatsatos
Spiros Galiatsatos 2017.02.27 16:07 

Little steps forward HUGE step back...Sorry didn't work for me...

Keisuke Tsutsui
Keisuke Tsutsui 2017.02.26 13:04 

Very bad loss mashine

Rafael Cadosch
Rafael Cadosch 2017.02.24 03:00   

when are u putting a signal to see how are u doing with it

Adam Goman
Adam Goman 2017.02.22 12:54 

Very Very Bad.

Giovanni Pascoli
Giovanni Pascoli 2017.02.22 11:39 

Not profitable Ea. Small profits and big losses.

Dmitrii Shmykov
Dmitrii Shmykov 2017.02.21 18:35 

К сожалению, убытки превышают прибыль. Только на тестере хорошо идет, в реале сливает.

panchismo 2017.02.21 17:17 

The EA needs improvement.

Great support from Dominik

fireeee 2017.02.21 12:06 

I think the backtest results are forged. For 4$ profit on the 'safest' pairs this morning I woke up with 9$ loss and it has nothing to do with spread, news or ping. When I substract the swap and commission it is obvious that this EA won't be a winner in the long term. The good part is I have spent only 15$ on it. Lesson learned don't urge to buy on 'promotion'.

Felix Tan
Felix Tan 2017.02.21 10:47 


$19 drawdown for $1 profit. Not impressive at all.

The only upside is 90+% strike rate. But if the ~9% happen, it will kill all the profit collected.

Will wait for the update. But no live account for this EA for now on, until new update improves on : lowering drowdown and/or increasing profit target while keeping the strike rate consistency.

Ps : Will update if the EA is improved.

Aleksey Odinokov
Aleksey Odinokov 2017.02.21 10:25 


Mike 2017.02.21 03:23 

Thought I’d give this new EA a try after all the wonderful recent reviews on MQL5, below are my results in detail with comments. I ran the 16 pairs as suggested. The default “Lots to Balance factor” is 10, I ran at half the default risk setting, namely 5. There is no fine tuning of the EA to suit the respective trading pair, its pretty much assumed one size fits all, the EA settings are pretty much non-adjustable. Demo account was a nominal $5000 with a leverage of 100:1. Trading was performed from 13-17th February 2017, on low latency VPS (<2ms).

Opening Balance $5,000.00: Results excluding trading costs: Profit -$181.51; Floating profit -$116.53; Total Profit Position -$298.04; Net Change in Balance $4,701.96; % Gain or Loss -5.96%.

The EA had around twice (38) as many wins as losses (18), but overall the EA yielded a net loss of around 6%, (excludes fees, commissions & swaps). A further disadvantage with the EA is that it trades just before swap fees are incurred, so you will be paying swap rates on most of the traded pairs undertaken. As the EA risk adjustment is only a single factor, adjusting this number should alter your result in a linear fashion, but the net would always be negative based on last weeks results. As for Author's comment that most trades are closed within a few hours, this clearly wasn't the case last week, as some trades executed early Friday morning remain open over the weekend (at loss). In my opinion, the EA needs greater ability to limit and better manage losses, currently I believe risks are far too high and outweigh the wins. So, I'm looking forward to EA improvements to better manage, reduce and control risk before I would consider running it on a live account. Cheers

David Garcia
David Garcia 2017.02.17 17:30 

Very promising developer and EA. Besides the news filter that will be added I believe you will still need to get a sense of the market conditions.

mloloklo 2017.02.17 12:34 

Very good job :-)

Thamira 2017.02.17 11:37 

Huge losses

Cristobal Giron
Cristobal Giron 2017.02.17 11:23 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

kos9829855739 2017.02.17 05:23 

три дня одни минуса! деньги на ветер!

Lim Yeen San
Lim Yeen San 2017.02.17 03:50 

dominic is very responsive and helpful on my questions. the EA is working well so far , deserve a good rating until i see a serious flaw.

live tickmill with 1ms VPS. running 7 pairs as comment section written

ForexJazz 2017.02.17 03:29 

Please do not buy! This is a junk

Waiting for three weeks the author did not update the strategy

Huge loss! Tiny profit

I give - 5 stars

Vilmar Tavares
Vilmar Tavares 2017.02.15 22:23 

Terrible! In the 16 pairs, five had huge losses. What you get in three weeks, you lose in one day. The author himself removed account monitoring live.

mayamak 2017.02.15 15:54   

Start date of EA: 15.02.2017, Lots To Balance Factor=5.0, vps mql5 - latency less than 1.5ms, all 16 pairs, deposit= 1000$.

***I will update my rewiev with stars rating and ICMarkets accounts results after one month of using of earlier.

Nicholas Kaulbach
Nicholas Kaulbach 2017.02.15 13:24 

Heavy losses last night. much better SL required and it definitely needs a news filter (this is definitely NOT a set and forget EA). I will continue to evaluate it though. and will update over the next couple of weeks. As of now it has lost 5% of the account on which it is running.

Andrey Palchevskyy
Andrey Palchevskyy 2017.02.15 08:53 

good EA.

Boris Tacyniak
Boris Tacyniak 2017.02.15 08:52 

Risk is too High, on one night you can loose more than 1 week of profits.

Author deletes his Signal after one night with many losses; does it trust his product? ...

lawrencium2002 2017.02.10 17:58 

So Far I am having an amazing time with this EA.. Set and Forget.. pretty much.. Just monitor account levels and make steady withdrawals and you'll be fine! 7 star *******

giamma091 2017.02.09 15:08 

Big Dominik, and Big algo!!

Matthew Winfield
Matthew Winfield 2017.02.09 14:46 

So far seems pretty good! I'll update after a longer period.

Marco Giustini
Marco Giustini 2017.02.08 17:22 

For the actual price it's a real gem, of course need improvement, but the author working hard to improve, read comments.

Five star for EA with no doubt if you trade safe and not be greedy

Michael 2017.02.08 08:35 

Second day of trading on 1 k demo account and up 660! Unbelievable result! Very happy with the Ea so far. Very cheap and great support.

will keep updating.


madhead34 2017.02.07 20:57 

excellent keep up the great work i only have a 30$ account and its working amazing for me :)

carlos33 2017.02.06 23:53 

So fair so good, better than Theorem over price ea

Teguh Dwi Aprianto
Teguh Dwi Aprianto 2017.02.06 23:06 

Awesome support..

slickpiptherule 2017.02.03 00:11 

5 stars for quickly answering questions and I made my investment cost back on the first day will update my review at the beginning of march after more use but so far so good.

Piotr Przybylski
Piotr Przybylski 2017.02.02 14:58 

Look my Midnight score on Darwinex. Real live . Real WIn *** http://prntscr.com/e3kl7j ***

Evaldas Motuzas
Evaldas Motuzas 2017.02.01 16:15 

Very good EA!!! I recommend this EA for best profit and small DD...

Dmitrii Korolev
Dmitrii Korolev 2017.02.01 15:54 

Next masterpiece from Dominik! Very good algorithm in this Adviser! I recommend this product for safe trade! However pay attention in case of selection of the suitable Broker with low spread!