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The Herald trend indicator was designed to significantly increase the efficiency of your trading and decreasing the number of errors made when opening and closing trades.

The appearance of the indicator, the developed interface and smoothing algorithms serve for this very purpose.

The Laguerre filter has been used in order to decrease the phase lag of the smoothed curve relative to the current quotes of the currency pair. Its parameters can be quickly set with the help of buttons located directly in the indicator window.

The combination of the Herald indicator with the multi-timeframe Corvette indicator, with its characteristics correlated with the Herald indicator, create goof preconditions for successful trading on the FOREX.

The Herald indicator is a good supplement for the ProfiTrader trading system (see screenshots), as they had been developed in coordination with each other.


  • BUTTONS_ON - enable/disable displaying buttons
  • Smooth - smoothing coefficient
  • APPLIED_PRICE - the applied price
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