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All Symbol and TimeFrame MACD notification

This program allows you to recieve alerts on phone and in the MetaTrader 4 platform based on Moving Avarage Convernge Divergence indicator.

  • You recieve alerts based on what symbols you have in the Market Watch
  • You can enable or disable a timeframe you (do not) want to use.
  • You can setup what signals you want based on Zero cross, Weak signal or Strong Signal (strong buy when below 0, weak buy above 0)
  • You can recieve an alert in MetaTrader, notification on your Phone, or both


  • Zero_Cross: When MACD crosses 0 line, give a signal
  • Weak_Cross: Weak buy or sell signal (example: MACD crosses upwards above 0 is a weak buy signal)
  • Strong_Cross: Strong buy or sell signal (example: MACD crosses upwards below 0 is a strong buy signal)
  • fast_ema: Fast period for MACD
  • slow_ema: Slow period for MACD
  • signal_period: Period for MACD signal line
  • MACD_Price: Setup price for MACD (Close/Open/High/Low/weighted)
  • Send_Alert: Give popup alert in MetaTrader
  • Send_Notification: Give notification on phone
  • Period_M1-MN1: Timeframe for analysis
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