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MrBot Magic Lines

Mr.Bot Magic Lines identifies support and resistance points that in the future tend to be respected by price.

The lines work as support or resistance according to the fundamentals of the price action. And once these lines have broken, they also function as their opposite, for example, a support broken, now work as resistance.


  • Draw only interesting points in the chart
  • Great for Scalper
  • Multi timeframes 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, H1, H4, Daily
  • Sound alert

Important Parameters

  • Mode - Normal or Aggressive - In normal mode, the signals are less frequent and only the most relevant points appear in the graphic, in Aggressive mode, more signals appear because the filter is reduced.
  • SRMaxExtenBar - is set by default the value 200, is the duration of the signal, when a signal appears, it extends for 200 periods.
  • SRDelayBars - is a type of signal filter, which waits a few moments for the signal to be valid, I recommend not to change this configuration.
  • SoundAlert - Beep when a new line appears.
Imran Khan
2017.05.08 21:56 

Useless. I am using it since 1 week doesn't show any lines "Aggresive or Normal" mode. I bought it for 10 USD. Guys save your money. It's a buggy indicator.

2017.01.19 21:18 

Excellent! Lines work well for scalping