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Currency Macro Data

Currency Macro Data indicator provides you all necessary macro economic data required to trade with majors.

Market movements are like waves. With small and big waves.

The way to predict the big wave that is coming is to watch at the country economic data.

Main flow of money in the market is determined by differences in the economies of respective countries.

It is dangerous to trade again the main flow. Therefore any trader should know what is the main flow of money.

This is what the banks and investment funds do. But small investors don't have the requires tools to get quick idea of what is going on in the market.

We now provide a series of indicators to analyze countries macro economic data.

Currency Macro Data is part of this indicators series:

Currency Macro Data indicator gives you more than 5 years (2012 to present time) of macro economic data for:

  • GDP Year on Year
  • Inflation Year on Year
  • Unemployment rate
  • Interest rate

The data are available for following currencies:

  • USD (United States Of America)
  • EUR (Euro zone)
  • GBP (United Kingdom)
  • AUD (Australia)
  • NZD (New Zealand)
  • CAD (Canada)
  • JPY (Japan)
  • CHF (Switzerland)

Application of the indicator are:

  • Displaying all economic data of one country in a single chart
  • Displaying same economic data for different countries in a single chart

Main inputs of the indicator are the following:

  • Currency: selected currency to display economic data
  • TypeOfSerie: type of economic data to display (GDP, UNEMPLOYMENT, INFLATION, INTEREST)
  • Positive color: color of histogram for positive value of data
  • Negative color: color of histogram for negative value of data
  • UseIndicatorSeries (true/false): use indicator buffers for economic data values
  • ShowCustomHistogram (true/false): if set to true will draw customized histogram as MT4 rectangle object
  • ShowValue (true/false): to show value of indicator above customized histogram as MT4 text object
  • ValueSpacing: number of spaces to fill before value of indicator (used to position text to the right)

The indicator can be used in any chart (asset/timeframe). The display of the indicator does not depend on the asset chosen in the chart.

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