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Algorithmic Supply Demand Oscillator MT4

Algorithmic Supply Demand Oscillator is the tool developed to measure the strength of the supply and demand in the financial market without order flow information. When you can access to order flow information, it is much easier to quantify supply and demand for the financial instrument. However, with the absence of Order flow information, traders are simply left with lack of information about supply demand. This is the case for the most of retail traders. Therefore, we find that there is a strong need to develop a tool to quantify supply demand in the market without looking at actual order flow information. Here we present the Algorithmic Ways to identify Supply Demand with our Algorithmic Supply Demand Oscillator. Our Algorithmic Supply Demand Oscillator works by quantifying consumption, imbalance and test points for supply and demand from the data. Traders can use this valuable information to make more accurate trading decision.

How to use

You can use our Algorithmic Supply Demand Oscillator for your advantage for both short-term and long-term trading decision. Of course, this is the whole purpose of this indicator. You can apply these tools for any Financial Market including Forex, Stock, Future and Commodities Market. This tool is great to pick up the trend reversal point and start of trend in general. The Oscillator in the indicator window shows where ongoing supply demand are tested in the market. Note that oscillator does not represent trend directly. Positive value indicates potential supply injection whereas negative value indicates potential demand injection. Decision Zone Line in main window is extended as much as oscillator. It shows the lower limit where current supply demand can hold in equilibrium in theoretical sense but you can use it for your trading too. Therefore, you might base your trading decision together with Decision Zone Line. If you do not want to use the Decision Zone Line, then you can switch off from your chart. In general, this tool is a great supplementary to go with other trading system.

Below inputs are for calculation. Generally, default values are fine but you might choose to see Supply Demand Consumption, Supply Demand Test and Supply Demand Imbalance point according to your preferences.

  • Bars to scan for Supply Demand calculation
  • Indicator Period
  • Lookback Factor
  • Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Use Supply Demand Consumption Point
  • Use Supply Demand Test Point
  • Use Supply Demand Imbalance Point

Alert related inputs. Change this according to your preferences.

  • Enable sound alert
  • Send email
  • Send Push notification

Graphic Related Inputs. Change this according to your preferences.

  • Use white background for chart
  • Supply Injection Zone Colour
  • Demand Injection Zone Colour
  • Use Guide Line: true or false only
  • Guide Line Width: 1 as default
  • Connect Gap among guidelines:
  • Use Oscillator: set false to switch off Oscillator

In theory, you can apply this to any timeframe. However, for calculation stability, we recommend to use this indicator H1 timeframe or higher timeframe. You might apply this to M15 and M30 in less preferred way. However, they can be operational too. Please do some visual check in your chart before usage.

Further Note about this indicator

You can use this powerful Algorithmic Supply Demand Oscillator on its own and combine with your own trading methodology. Alternatively, you can also combine this tool with the powerful existing products below for even more powerful decision-making.

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Version 5.3 2017.02.02
In version 5.3, we have fixed some bug which keep removing the signal object from the chart after new bar arrives. The object should stay in the chart even if new bar arrived.