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ProfiTrader system works as:

  • an indicator;
  • an Expert Advisor;
  • a trading algorithm tester.

The indicator displays up to five multi-timeframe lines of modified CCI, RSI, Stochastic or Laguerre for each of the M1-D1 periods.

Charts are not repainted and based on bar Open prices.

Five buttons in the lower part of the indicator window allow for quick switching between types of displayed data for each timeframe.

Applied display sets, ability to quickly switch between them and indicator line settings simplify the search for entry/exit points and make it more efficient.

Alerts of reaching the local Highs and Lows by a currency pair are activated on M15 timeframe relieving you of the need to constantly sit in front of your PC.

The EA works on М15 and generates market entry/exit alerts using the parameters of the indicator lines.

The EA signals are displayed on the indicator chart, in the Alert pop-up window and as audio alerts.

Thirty-six buttons at the bottom of the indicator allow you to quickly select the trading algorithms.

The current EA version has been optimized on the 2016.06.01- 2016.12.15 time interval for the following symbols:


The tester works in real time providing:

  • instant evaluation of selected trading algorithms' efficiency;
  • fast EA setup.

Test results are displayed in the indicator window. The EA setup time for the symbol is 2-3 minutes. The setup interval can be customized in the data entry window.

Specify the settings in the data entry window to save them.

Download М15-W1 timeframes' history data before testing ProfiTrader in the strategy tester. In case there is no data for some of the timeframes, launching ProfiTrader in the strategy tester may take 2-10 seconds.


  • show_strategy_buttons - show/hide the trading algorithm selection buttons
  • Days - select the testing period (10-30 days are recommended)
  • С1_buy - S6_buy - select trading algorithms for buying
  • С1_sell-S6_sell - select trading algorithms for selling
  • show_statistics - show/hide the tester statistics
  • alarm_expert - enable/disable the EA alerts
  • alarm_min_max - enable/disable local Highs/Lows alerts
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Version 3.0 - 2017.01.12
Modified the indicator using the "triple screen system"
Improved the display information capacity
Improved trading algorithms