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YPY EA Immortalis PRO

YPY EA Immortalis PRO is an innovative multi-currency trading robot, which uses a complex of several thousand unique virtual strategies and performing automatic trading with real Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

This EA is being constantly adjusted by the developer for short-term trading on the current market (over latest 36 trade months) through regular updates.

The "PRO" version of the YPY EA Immortalis robot is recommended for multi-currency trading with the following instruments: GBPUSD (М15), EURGBP(M15), AUDUSD (M15), AUDCAD (M15), USDCAD (M15), XAUUSD (М15), NZDUSD (M15).

This trading system used a gradual dynamic lot (Martingale) in trading, but with various limitations and forced closures.

This is a new product which is distributed temporarily free until it confirms stable positive results of trading on the developer's signal monitoring.

Key Features

  1. Fully automated trading
  2. Optimization is not required
  3. Easy to use, no needless settings
  4. Protective real stop loss and take profit levels
  5. Additional protection against abnormal movements of the market price

Description of the Main Expert Advisor Settings

  • TradeMode= Trade/Pausetrade/Stoptrade
    • Trade – trading mode
    • Pausetrade – when this mode is enabled, the trading complex continues maintaining existing orders without looking for new entry points in order to progressively complete the trading on the account.
    • Stoptrade – when this mode is enabled, the trading complex immediately completes the trading by closing all of its orders.
  • AutoMM - system for automatic calculation of lot size based on the free equity, taking the deposit currency into account.
    • High - high risk
    • Medium - medium risk
    • Low - low risk
    • Minimum - minimum risk
    • OFF - disables the automatic money management system and allows the user to customize the lot size manually using the Lot parameter
Closing the EA orders in any other way is prohibited, as well as the transfer of the EA to another terminal without the files it creates in the MQL4\Files folder
  • VirtualLot– the lot size for virtual trading (maximum value is 0.1)
  • MinLeverage– minimum leverage size required for opening new orders
  • MinMarginLevel– minimum margin level of the account as a percentage, which is required for opening new orders
  • Slippage– maximum allowed slippage when opening orders
  • GMTOffset- users are required to enter the actual shift of the trade server relative to GMT in hours
  • MaxDrawdown– maximum total equity drawdown of all orders in the deposit currency. When this drawdown is reached, all orders on all instruments are closed (trading will be resumed on the next trading day)


  1. Testing, determining risks and instruments used for each new version of the EA is up to the user. It is recommended to check out the EA operation in the strategy tester of the terminal and on a demo account.
  2. The EA uses explicit control of bar opening.
  3. The developer adapts the EA to short-term trading until the next update, but not more than one month. Due to this, it is recommended to regularly follow the EA updates and always use the latest version. To update, it is sufficient to download the latest version of the EA and attach it to the chart instead of the older version. All previously opened orders will be maintained by the new version accordingly.
  4. The EA should be attached to charts of each traded instrument individually.
  5. The product does not comply with FIFO.
  6. Requirements for the trading conditions:
    • Any broker and any account type
    • Recommended leverage is 1:50 and higher
    • limitation on the number of simultaneously opened orders on account not less than 200
    • Recommended deposit is $150000 (cents for cent accounts) for trading 0.01 micro lot. You can reduce the size of the virtual lot and use either a small Deposit (for example, for $1000 you can set VirtualLot=0.0001).


IPA Investments LTD specializes in innovations of software in the sphere of trading both for own requirements and for implementation of tasks of corporate clients.

Andrey Yakovlev
2017.06.18 13:45 

My recommendation is always to update the expert regularly to the latest version and do not need to overstate the risks.

Earlier I used the old versions of both experts YPY EA Immortalis and YPY Math Catcher on these accounts:


Profit: + $2531


Profit: + $11590

I plan to periodically update the information in my review of the current trade data that all users can see.

Now I have launched a combined trade of new improved versions of both experts on this account:


PAMM YPY EA Immortalis ELITE Forex4you


Current growth +9.74%

Everyone has the opportunity to become an Investor of my PAMM accounts using a minimum deposit of $ 20 or more.

If you are interested, send me a private message.

Marco Solito
2017.06.05 17:54 

very dangerous martingale system with fake stop loss

Ytalo Felipe Dos Santos Nascimento
2017.05.24 04:17 


---EDIT 1---

Reproved. Risk management didn't work today. High risk was supposed to be around 6%, as he's saying on home-page of his EA. The normal High trending like on several back-test's that also had, never be more than 10%/dd. But today, on the average high trend, i got more than 10% of dd on Low-risk profile on USD/JPY. The same problem i saw on NZD/USD, that also is on Low-risk, and get almost 10%/dd today, on a normal high-trend as the same old trend's on BT. I'll change this rating when he fix this. In other words, Risk management ISN'T WORKING! I sent prin screen prooving to him. But he didn't answered yet. Who want to see, ask me inbox.

----EDIT 2----

As he's explaining here: "https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/20098#!tab=comments&page=18&comment=4943089", i trust that he'll fix this ASAP, as he's doing in his account on a new Test version 7.0. Waiting for the new version for change to 5 star again as before.

---EDIT 3---

Developer looks like is trying to destroy the EA before remove from MQL, also always removing good instruments and replacing for worst, as XAU/USD that have more DD than some of 3 removeds. I hope i'm wrong. But after this update, it's looks like clear. I'm still waiting his answer on my inbox to explain to me why this doesn't making any sense.

---EDIT 4---

Approved again. I hope keep and don't "bug" the EA one more time. We trust on him to avoid little mistakes that can be avoid, so we can't lost more money by this again when the update say it's for one reason, but then change other thing and we don't know what and how, making us lost more money.

2017.05.19 21:26 

У меня на счёте кроме данного советника так же торгуют несколько других советников. В том числе и ещё один советник данного автора – это YPY Serena PRO. И всё было хорошо, каждый из советников торговал в небольшой плюс. Постепенно росла прибыль. Пока я в дополнение к этим советникам месяц назад не поставил этот проклятый YPY Immortalis PRO. Он с самого начала начал стабильно и уверенно торговать в минус. Но с 15 по 17 мая по USDJPY и особенно по EURUSD он за эти 2 дня слил почти половину моего депозита! При этом важно заметить, что параметр AutoMM стоял Low. Боюсь представить, что сейчас было бы со счётом, если бы этот параметр стоял хотя бы Medium. Ущерб, причинённый этим советником, с лихвой перечёркивает весь профит, наторгованный всеми остальными советниками вместе взятыми. Раньше хотелось похвалить автора за советник YPY Serena PRO, но теперь хочется сделать противоположное, т.к. убыток причинённый YPY Immortalis PRO многократно больше. До сих пор висят 2 открытых советником ордера с огромным убытком. Не знаю что с ними делать.

Этот советник ставит фиктивные стопы. Почему фиктивные – сейчас объясню. Они настолько огромные, что если цена пойдёт в сторону стопа, то откроется такая огромная сетка ордеров да ещё и с мартингейлом, что полный слив депозита наступит раньше, чем цена доберётся до целой кучи всех этих стопов. Поэтому выставляемые советникам стоп-лоссы абсурдны по своей сути. Получается, что стоп-лоссы советник выставляет лишь для того, чтобы «пустить пыль в глаза» нам с вами.

Dmitriy Safonov
2017.05.17 19:01 

Не знаю, откуда автор берет такие увлекательные мониторинги, но если не желаете слить свой счет, то проходите мимо. Подробности смотрите в комментарии #453 от 2017.05.17 17:00

2017.05.15 18:58 

If you are not an institutional user that can pay around $2500 for 6 month rent, don't waste your time testing this because sooner or later you will be forced to update the EA when it stops being free. After approximately 1.5 months of any version releases, a message on the panel show will come up: "Update required. Please download the latest version" and it won't place anymore orders. What a pity!!

2017.05.09 13:52 

testing on live account with AutoMM=LOW. Initial Deposit = 500$ leverage 1:500, ECN. All Recommended currencies: GBPUSD (М15), EURUSD (M15), EURGBP(M15), EURJPY (M15), AUDUSD (M15), AUDCAD (M15), USDCAD (M15), USDJPY (M15), XAUUSD (М15), NZDUSD (M15).


EA is performing very well on AutoMM=HIGH settings and bigger deposit. I increased it form 500$ to 4000$ and performance of opening trades also increased, so it might be that it keep account safe and prevent form overleverage tarding.


settings changed AutoMM=MINIMUM, HIGH is very risky

Vyacheslav Korolev
2017.05.05 13:51 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.05.05 13:20   


Odyssee Tremoulis
2017.04.26 11:13 

2 weeks on a demo account with recommended settings and Medium Risk: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/291810

Results: Account blown down with -21% growth and a drawdown of 61% and ~70 opened positions in losses

Martin Nicholson
2017.04.20 16:51 

Outstanding EA ! Has been making 1% on my live account daily, even under the most difficult conditions ! Always with very low risk. I heartily recommend it.

Denis Dementiev
2017.04.14 17:28 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Valeriy Kupinskyy
2017.04.14 16:19 

ЕА не прибыльный, а наоборот сливной ! Набирает ордеров против тренда и как только тренд меняет направление, начинает сбрасывать позиции в минусе, хотя буквально через несколько минут они могли бы закрыться в прибыль! Сначала думал это случайно, но за 3 месяца в реале убедился в постоянстве сброса перспективных ордеров. В итоге прибыль минимальная, а сливы значительные!

2017.04.14 11:00 

Too bad that in an account from 1000 eur not make the operations as a account to 100000.Yesterday locked me a dozen operations on AUDCAD after having been for days in all loss.

After few hours they would go all in profit.In the DEMO account had never worked so indeed had closed for good profit.I say that we have not even though I had hoped for positive.Snapshot in the comments of the operation in loss.

2017.04.12 14:53 

Very Good!

Ariel Agnoletto
2017.04.11 13:58 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Anja Sutrisna
2017.03.26 01:47 

Hi Pavel..

I was very pleased with this :)

Thank you very much:)

2017.02.23 13:26 

Running on real 1 k account. After a week of trading making an average of $10 a day. Very consistent. Looing very good.

Great and its free!

will update soon

Mauro Bracuti
2017.02.14 22:32 

I testing IT on Real Account. Very Good!

Maksym Mudrakov
2017.02.09 08:43 

Доверяю автору, у него все продукты достойны внимания!

Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.07 19:23 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Gennadiy Voltornist
2017.02.03 10:19 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Gino Pagano
2017.01.29 16:38 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 8.1 - 2017.05.26
Optimized for use in the new terminal build.
Version 8.0 - 2017.05.23
The Expert Advisor has been adjusted to fit the current market.

As a bonus in this version, we have added a multicurrency portfolio of strategies, assembled using a special technology for the ELITE modification, which has the following distinctive features:

1. a reduced stagnation period of the whole portfolio

2. an increased percentage of profitable trades

3. an increased Profit Factor of the whole portfolio

4. minimum correlation of used strategies relative to each other
Version 7.4 - 2017.05.17
Added the additional Extreme risk level (AutoMM=Extreme) for professionals willing to test trading on a single symbol with an extremely high risk.

If you use several symbols or trading systems on your account, the minimum risk is recommended (AutoMM=Minimum). Do not increase your risk over the Medium level.
Version 7.1 - 2017.05.03
YPY EA Immortalis PRO

We have published a new improved generation of the trading system in order to increase the reliability and efficiency of trading.

The new version is recommended for use on the following instruments: GBPUSD (лю15), EURGBP(M15), AUDUSD (M15), AUDCAD (M15), USDCAD (M15), XAUUSD (лю15), NZDUSD (M15)

In order to improve the trading, the following instruments have been excluded: USDJPY, EURJPY, EURUSD

If you have previously opened orders on these instruments (USDJPY, EURJPY, EURUSD), the new version will continue the maintenance of the opened orders, but will not search for new entry points, so as to gradually complete trading on those instruments.

Important notice for all users:

1. Always remember, that if a developer published a product free of charge, this does not mean that you can overuse questions without reading the information provided earlier.

All users are recommended to carefully read the product description and all comments before using the product.

If you are too lazy to do that, you show disrespect to the developer, who does not have to repeat the same thing to each user.
In this case, please do not be surprised by anything and do not ask for help.

We will only answer the questions of the users who abide by this recommendation in a proper manner and to the full extent.

2. !!! Dear users, if you prefer a calm trading or if you are not familiar with the product, we recommend using AutoMM=Minimum

3. It is recommended to check out the EA operation in the strategy tester of the terminal and on a demo account, and to use thee EA on a live account only after the tests. Users can understand and see the operation of the trading logic only by testing it on their own.
Version 6.1 - 2017.04.12
Performed the EA adaptation to the current market.

Added automatic adaptive filter of spread widening, which controls the opening of the virtual and real deals.
Version 6.0 - 2017.04.05
The first version of this has been published for free use several months ago. In several months of testing we have been able to perform an in-depth analysis in order to significantly improve the trade logic.

In this new version, complete overhaul of the trading logic has been performed in order to increase the efficiency and stability of trading, as well as to reduce the stagnation periods.

All users are advised to download and test the new version of the product. Please note, only the latest version of the product is supported by the developer.

Due to the completion of the main stage of revision and improvement of this trading system, the free testing of this product is planned to be finished in the near future.
Version 5.0 - 2017.03.15
All virtual strategies for all symbols have been significantly updated to adapt the EA to the current market.

Now, strategy portfolios per each symbol are arranged with the highest priority given to the most efficient balancing of the common multi-currency portfolio that currently applies ten symbols.

This significantly reduces the total drawdown and shortens periods of stagnation since a loss at one symbol is efficiently covered by a profit on others.

Please note that the EA needs several weeks to start using the full potential of updated strategies.
Version 4.6 - 2017.03.10
Performed global update of all virtual strategies for all instruments in order to adapt the EA to the current market.

An additional analyzer block has been implemented. It provides users with the ability to see the execution quality of the broker.
This will allow users to manually:
1. Evaluate and compare the actual quality of the trading at different brokers (trading servers).
2. Understand the reasons behind the differences in results of trading at different brokers (trading servers).

The analyzer block outputs the following information to the EA panel:
1. Spread size (current|maximum|average)
2. Speed of requests for order opening and closing execution by the trading server in milliseconds (latest|average)
3. Statistics on slippage in the number of operations (opening and closing, excluding the SL or TP triggers)
It shows the data on the number of operations with negative slippage, the number of operations with positive slippage, the total number of operations.
4. Statistics on slippage in the slippage amounts (opening and closing, excluding the SL or TP triggers)
It shows the data on the total amount of negative slippages, the total amounts of positive slippages, the final result of slippages (the sum of positive and negative slippages), the average slippage size.
The more positive slippages you see from your broker, the better it is for your trading.
If you always see only negative slippages, then it is a considerable reason to try trading at a different broker with market execution.

The slippage statistics is only to be considered on accounts with market execution (recommended account types: DMA, ECN, STP, NDD, etc)

We have also implemented a module for integration with a future version of the Check Your Broker analyzer (planned to be distributed for free after the update). This will allow users to perform a more detailed analysis, including viewing statistics on slippages when the SL or TP triggers.
Version 4.3 - 2017.03.03
Performed the EA adaptation to the current market.
Version 4.1 - 2017.02.20
Modernized automated money management system AutoMM.
Added support for additional account currencies.
Now the AutoMM system supports the following account currencies:
If quotes for the user's account currency are not available in the terminal, the currency is considered unknown and the AutoMM system will use a fixed rate 1USD=100 account currency units.

Calculated risk values ​​by the AutoMM system are reduced by half.

Performed global update of all virtual strategies for all instruments in order to adapt the EA to the current market.
Version 4.0 - 2017.02.13
Modernized the AutoMM system for automatic money management.
Now the AutoMM system automatically corrects the size of not only newly opened virtual orders, but also that of the virtual orders opened earlier.
This allows the EA to quickly adjust the appropriate risk (AutoMM=High/Medium/Low/Minimum) to any changes in the balance (deposit and withdrawal), as well as in other cases of significant changes in equity.
Version 2.2 - 2017.01.24
Added support for additional instrument - NZDUSD (M15).

Performed global update of all virtual strategies for all instruments in order to adapt the EA to the current market.
Version 2.0 - 2017.01.16
Added automatic system of deposit protection, which is automatically activates when a too large lot size is used n the settings.

Added the automatic money management system:
High - high risk
Medium - medium risk
Low - low risk
Minimum - minimum risk
OFF - disables the automatic money management system and allows the user to customize the lot size manually using the VirtualLot parameter
This system automatically calculates the virtual lot size based on the free equity, taking the deposit currency into account.

Each user must validate the calculation of the automatic virtual lot size by testing in the strategy tester and/or using a demo account with the trading conditions of your broker.
The risk value (AutoMM parameter) or virtual lot size (VirtualLot parameter) set manually are also to be defined by each user individually by analyzing the maximum drawdown on different segments of the trading history.