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Quick Order Tool

Order Tool is a trading assistant with a GUI panel that simplifies manual trading. It automatically calculates a lot size of a trade based on account balance, provides movable lines for setting entry, stop loss and take profit levels and at the same time it shows potential profit or loss.

Key Features

  • Lot size calculation based on percent (%) or money ($)
  • Working on accounts with different currency (Euro, Dollar, Yen, Pound)
  • Using different source of money for calculation (Equity, Balance, Free Margin)
  • Showing potential loss or profit on stop loss and take profit level
  • Order sending with or without take profit
  • Customizable style
  • Movable GUI panel

Main Settings

  • Calculation Source = Free Margin/Equity/Balance
    • Free Margin - account free margin will be used for lot size calculation.
    • Equity - account equity will be used for lot size calculation.
    • Balance - account balance will be used for lot size calculation.
  • Risk Type = Percent(%)/Money($)
    • Percent - initial value of risk in panel will be calculated based on percent. Proper values - from 0.01 to 100.
    • Money - initial value of risk in panel will be calculated based on value.
  • Risk Per Trade($ or %) - when you choose percent in risk type option, you should enter percent of risk and when you choose money you should enter vaue of risk.
  • Pending Order Distance, points - initial distance of entry from price in points for pending orders.
  • Stop Loss, points - initial stop loss of orders in points.
  • Take Profit, points (0=Disable) - initial take profit if orders in points, when you set it to 0 (zero) you can send orders without take profit.
  • Use Confirmation Dialog - an option to turn on/off the "confirmation dialog" of sending order.

If you have any idea or suggestion to make this tool better, feel free to contact me.

P.S: Because of using complicated functions and chart events in this EA, it may not work in the strategy tester.

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Version 1.3 - 2017.02.02
- Added full compatibility with strategy tester.
Version 1.2 - 2017.01.10
- Added ability to save position and state of panel in changing of timeframe or restarting the terminal.